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    11 Year Anniversary - Robotic Mitral Valve repair

    Still holding up.
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    10 year Anniversary MV repair & 5 year Anniversary Bacterial Endocarditis

    Seems like yesterday. At this point in time, I have stable mild/moderate regurgitation and some MV leaf thickening partly due to the endocarditis it is thought. Totally unrelated, I have a low grade prostate cancer diagnosis and am currently following an Active Surveillance protocol for the...
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    Endocarditis discovered

    I've just concluded a 6 week period where I would periodically run a low grade of fever (100-101.9) for a period of a few hours which was brought down by a few Advil. During this time, my PCP put me on Levofloxacin for two separate periods, once for 14 days and once for 10 days over this 6 week...
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    Mitral Valve Repair - 5 year anniversary - 6/18/14

    Well I'm still feeling pretty good. Regurg has been holding at mild-moderate for several years now. Due for supine bike stress echo in October. My weight has remained the same. Trying to do all the right things. :cool:
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    How does one unregister?
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    Recumbent Stress Test

    Has anyone ever done one of these as opposed to the usual treadmill stress test?
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    First Echo and TEE since Mitral Valve Repair surgery last year.

    I just came back from the hospital after taking my TEE. The regular echo two weeks ago showed moderate regurg which freaked me out. After conducting the TEE, my cardiologist now calls it only mild to moderate and more closer to mild. The torn valve that was repaired and the inserting ring...
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    Mechanical valves/Coumadin - Changes in Lifestyle?

    I'm pretty new to the board, but I don't see a thread on this. I'm going to be 49 years old. I like to ride my road bike (bicycle), ski, kayak and walking with my dogs. I like beer and wine in extreme moderation and weekends only. I hear stories about what I can an cannot do. My...