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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    You put the pill in your mouth and wash it down with water;). Seriously, my problems with warfarin have been limited to only one time.......I allowed my blood to get too close to normal and I suffered a stroke. That was almost 50 years ago and I have had no problem with warfarin (blood...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I've only had one 1967 when my mechanical valve was implanted......and it's still clickin'.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    No offense taken. OHS is a BIG deal regardless of age.....but especially so if you are young.....been there, done that. Read thru the many stories on this forum and hopefully, that will put your fears into their proper perspective.
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Hi Redone and welcome to a POSITIVE THINKING forum. OHS is not an end of the world experience. If you are like most you will come thru it OK and will be back to living YOUR life in a short time. PS: At 80 I was still playing golf and going to a gym on a regular basis several times a...
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    Why both Warfarin AND aspirin?

    I have taking warfarin and 81mg aspirin for several years. Like Superman, my cardio told me that "it will make your platelets a little more slippery"......whatever that means. It does not affect my INR.....or anything else, as far as I know.
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Amen, Amen, Amen to the above quote. Before the introduction of the INR system, I started taking the anti-coagulant Coumadin (Warfarin) after my mechanical valve was implanted in 1967. I was only told to "take the pill and get a blood test monthly" to keep my PT at 1-l/2 times a "normal...
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    IMO a heart surgeon is one of the worst professionals to ask about INR. In the 54+ years since my heart surgery, I have never seen a SURGEON after leaving the hospital post surgery. Obviously, they prefer not to operate on anyone who has "thin" blood 'cause it makes their job a little more...
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    Going on 20 years this month

    Congrats on your 20th anniversary.
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    Is it safe to jump rope

    I agree!
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    first case of amputation due to non compliance with an on x aortic valve

    I certainly agree that if you are not serious about managing Warfarin and INR do not go on Warfarin. Many years ago, 1974, I suffered my one and only stroke while on Warfarin. The stroke was not because I knowingly mismanaged Warfarin......but it was due to not understanding the true...
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Another doomsday prediction?? I'll put that in "file 13" along with the thousand others I have heard over the years. Thank god it won't bother me as I doubt I'll be around at age 112......but who knows:unsure: As the old saying suggests......"live, love, and be happy today because tomorrow...
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    25 years Post Op Ross Procedure

    Welcome to the site and congratulations on the longevity of your valve. There is a lot of experience on this forum to help with any questions you might have.......although with 25 years of experience I am sure you already know many of the answers.
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    countdown to cleveland

    Good luck!(y)
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    It seemed to start out OK, but it quickly "went to hell in a handbasket", who knows?????????????????:cry:
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Like you, one of my life goals was to see the year 2000. I'd say we've done a pretty good job of living long after surgery:cool:
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Flex, Unless you get hit by a truck I would imagine you'll make 76..........BUT I ain't done yet:sneaky: ChuckC......I'm not sure you will beat 54 years.....Afterall, 107 IS a stretch.:unsure:
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    Hi flex, I'm doing my best to assure you have as long a life as possible. :)
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    Going forward?????

    At some point in the future, you will most likely have to have your bovine valve replaced. Any decision about your next valve will be deferred until then. I would live my life now and worry about "what to do" then.
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    How get used to permanent metal click after aortic valve replacement

    After your body heals from the surgery and you become used to the sound if any, you will no longer notice the "clicking".
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    54 years..........but who's counting!

    I'm sure it did "tick" after being implanted......but I nor anyone around me hear it anymore. I think our cat does notice the "soft click"......but she doesn't complain;).