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  1. gerrychuck

    Is it Curtains for me?

    I think you are taking the most productive approach you can, Protime. Inform yourself as best you can in preparation for the conversations with the specialists, get the best info you can from them, plan accordingly, and then move on with living the best life you can. I am sending, quoting the...
  2. gerrychuck


    Excellent summary. I discussed biventricular pacing with the surgeon who put my pacer in; he acknowledged that right ventricular pacing could affect function for the reasons you describe when I asked directly about it, and said that they would look at that option were my EF to drop. He also...
  3. gerrychuck


    I needed a pacer about 5 years after my mitral replacement. I had a left bundle branch block, and with occasional gaps of up to 3 seconds between beats. Currently I'm around 70% paced,mostly at rest. To clarify regarding an upper beat limit, a pacemaker can only control maximum heart rate if...
  4. gerrychuck

    Rather than just bump it...

    God forbid the good doctor be embarrassed by exposure to reality as regards anticoagulation lol. I certainly would never be allowed near my Japanese kitchen knives, never mind an innocent activity like shaving, if the instruction I was given 9 years ago was true! Actually, I probably shouldn't...
  5. gerrychuck

    Mitral valve surgery

    I had a flail leaflet and had emergency mitral valve surgery in late 2012. Mine was emergent, and wasn't accurately diagnosed until I was in deep (intubated) trouble. So glad you have some time to adjust to this new reality. I ended up with a mechanical (St. Jude) valve, and therefore on...
  6. gerrychuck

    INR and paracetamol (todays reading)

    I had to figure the acetaminophen thing out on my own (as many of us have). Doesn't mean I don't take it, just means I take it in moderation and expect that I will see a rise in INR, and compensate accordingly. True of other factors as well, like alcohol and exercise. What else can you do when...
  7. gerrychuck

    Covid vaccine affecting INR?

    I had my first dose of AstraZeneca in March, followed by Moderna 2 weeks ago today. My INR had been well stabilized at 3.0 + or - on 6 mg/day prior to that, with predictable variation according to alcohol intake, etc. The week after my second dose, it was 3.4. No big deal; I had been off my...
  8. gerrychuck

    Are we high risk?

    That is probably the best explanation of this phenomenon I have seen (and I've read a few). Your sister has a gift for explaining a very complex situation clearly and simply. If only more docs had the ability, or desire, to explain things so well to their patients. Brilliant.
  9. gerrychuck

    Test Strip Supplier?

    Yup; eBay. Interestingly, one seller I've used a couple of times is in Germany, but I got the strips as quickly as if it had been a North American seller. I wind ip buying from different sellers almost every time. No problems so far.
  10. gerrychuck

    Protimenow Update

    Will be thinking of you, Protime.
  11. gerrychuck

    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    Bingo. That's what I fly. Nosewheel RVs have a bad habit of summersaulting on the ground when the nose gear fails. A friend of mine had it happen and ended up with neck fractures and other badness, but survived to rebuild his plane and fly another day. AntiSplat sell several products that...
  12. gerrychuck

    Coronavirus April 2020: look for low blood oxygen?

    I read that article yesterday; very interesting. I have a good friend in NYC working in a Mt Sinai program which tracks people at home after their initial contact with the health system, monitoring several key metrics to determine if and when they need to come in for higher level care. Pulse...
  13. gerrychuck

    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    If I take Tylenol for a few days when I have the flu, back pain, etc it definitely does seem to produce a significant increase in my INR, enough that I will proactively adjust my dose to stay in range. It surprised me when I first noticed it, as I thought there wouldn't be any issue as long as I...
  14. gerrychuck

    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    The short answer is that anyone with altered heart function is at increased risk, as Covid causes myocarditis as regularly as it causes severe respiratory issues (which in turn increases the load in the heart). End result is that COD is very often heart failure, not respiratory. May not feel...
  15. gerrychuck

    Are we high risk?

    The credible info I have seen is that Covid can result in myocarditis via the ACE 2 receptors, leading to reduced heart function. One doc I watched in a video said that because of that, COD is ultimately often heart failure, not respiratory failure. Obviously, any pre-existing compromised heart...
  16. gerrychuck

    Protimenow Update

    Wow. As if pandemic and quarantine wasn't providing enough stress... So sorry to hear of your struggles, but so glad to hear that you seem to be getting things under control. Take care, my friend.
  17. gerrychuck

    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    Exercising, walking the dog in our lovely big park, cooking, and recording a few songs which I'm putting up on Facebook. I call it the Captive Audience Concert Series lol. Been out at my hangar and flying a bit too, and hoping to do more of that, but a pesky head cold has limited that up to...
  18. gerrychuck

    Mechnical AV and Corona Virus Risks- March 2020

    That all lines up with what I have found as well. Great summary Astro.
  19. gerrychuck

    COVID-19 - How are you spending your time?

    I have 12 guitars in the basement, so they're getting a bit of a workout, though less than I thought I would be doing up to this point. Made it out to my hangar yesterday; I don't share it with anyone anymore, so it, and my airplane, are my private safe space. More worried about the darn deer...
  20. gerrychuck

    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    After reading this post, I did a little googling, and came up with quite a bit of info, with opinion divided into two camps on the issue. The following link, while very detailed on the biochemistry, is very well explained, and provides a great summary of what is known, what is hypothesized and...