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    Date Set For Repeat Mitral alsoTricuspid Replacement

    I'm a little late but read your thread. How are you feeling today?
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    Deciding whether to have Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery

    Hello Josh, I think the mod to severe regurgitation needs to be followed more closely than annually. I was close to your age with sever regurge, asymptomatic, pretty normal EF and and a clean heart cath. You have alot of detail so it's good you're being proactive. My TEE showed my mitral valve...
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    Five years after MV repair

    Wow I remember that. Congratulations.
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    Mild regurgitation post mitral valve repair surgery

    I had my repair 11 years ago. My first echo in 2010 showed mild regurg. I get an echo every year and stress test every once in a while. Still mild today in 2020. I even lost about 15 lbs since then which helped the cause..
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    16 Days Out And Getting Scared...

    Thank you.
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    16 Days Out And Getting Scared...

    I had my mitral valve repair in 2009. It went pretty well and it was my first surgery ever. Your prostatectomy caught my attention. I've been under AS since 2017, but I know that can change at any time. From my MR surgery experience and what I hear about a prostatectomy, I'd say you'll be...
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    Second opinion?

    Well I got a second because I was interested in the different techniques available, i.e, right thoracotomy via port access or robotic. Otherwise, how comfortable were you with the first? Did something concern you for example.
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    Just had my TAVR two days ago.

    OMG I go to the same cardiology group at Emory St. Joseph's. The cardio in your photo isn't my cardio but he did perform a TEE on me 6 years ago.
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    Do you take amoxicillin @ dental visit?

    Yes absolutely. It's not like it's expensive. My cardio and ID have always said yes.
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    One thing that I have done since getting IE once, is if I had a fever of about 101.5 for a day without going down, go straight for the culture. Since my episode 6 years ago, I have had several prostate biopsies which have resulted in some fevers which resulted in hospitalization for observation...
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    I take 2000 mg amoxicillin before dental every since my mitral valve repair in 2009. Since my endocarditis in 2014, it still take my amoxicillin prior to dental. I also talk with my ID doctor, per my cardio, for any procedure including biopsies, colonoscopies, general surgery such as a hernia.
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    I guess it also depends if your dentist is a Republican or a Democrat. Maybe some sarcasm. Not sure myself.
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    Question Mitral Valve

    What was her age of surgery? I'm guessing over 65. Like the others have said, the initial beta blockers and there were several made me tired and irritable for the first month. Can I assume she follows up with her cardio? I would be frustrated also and would ask the cardio for some direction.
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    I had endocarditis 6 years ago. It hasn’t changed my 2x a year dental routine. I take 2,000mg amoxicillin. I am, however, nervous about going to the dentist at this time. I rescheduled once already and have an appointment in mid July. They seem a bit pushy for business, which I understand...
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    11 Year Anniversary - Robotic Mitral Valve repair

    Still holding up.
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    Murmur after surgery

    It's going to be echos (TTE) that are going to be an indicator of how your valve is doing. The murmurs heard from a stethescope is somewhat subjective. I had mitral valve repair 10 years ago at the age of 47 by a world reknown surgeon myself. I still have mild to mod regurg even after a bout...
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    It’s the new normal.
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    Well the key is getting a good culture without having antibiotics in the system. So you caught it in time. I went about 6-7 weeks before getting a positive blood culture. Kind of hard when you're trying to time it between antibiotics which was my problem. They did a TEE to determine the...
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    Sorry I'm a little late with this mecretired. I had my endocarditis event 5 years ago. For a period of 6 weeks, run a fever, take oral antibiotics, finish antibiotics fever returns, get blood culture but a took antibiotic and skewed results, after second or most likely 3rd blood culture weeks...
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    4 Days post op Bloody Hell / mire updates to come when l am up to it !!!

    Happy to see you back Harriet! You've been through a lot over the years.