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  1. Meanjellybean

    INR dose - hard to trust a GP

    Hello all, I am finding it very difficult to trust my GP regarding my warfarin dose. I recently had the following doses: Inr dose Fri Jun 04 2021 1.2 2 Sat Jun 05 2021 1.4 2 Sun Jun 06 2021 1.6 2 Mon Jun 07...
  2. Meanjellybean

    Open heart surgery and redo operations

    Hi all, I was hoping to get you experience with OHS and specifically the difference if you have required to have a reoperation. I have had 3 sternoctomy (2 , 3 and 20 years of age). I am due for my 4th at 31 years old but have had mutiple delays due to hospital ICU and emergency patients. My...
  3. Meanjellybean

    Mechanical Valvers, how old is yours?

    Hi all, Thought it may be a cool idea to get a new thread dedicated to those with mechanical valves specifically and give some feedback on: How long you had the MV for (when)? Why did you get the MV (disease, congenital, emergency)? What is life on warfarin like? Ever had a "significant event"...
  4. Meanjellybean

    At a CROSSROADS. (31 years of age)

    Hello All, Found this community the other day and have been reading many of the stories and advice that has been given regarding cardiac issues. I want to share my story and where I am at currently. Brief history: I have congenital heart disease and was born a twin (identical). The best way...