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    Self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation google scholar,5
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    New European Guidelines on Valvular Heart Disease Published

    2021 ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease:
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    7 months AVR

    Seven months after the surgery and today I had an ultrasound. The left ventricular end-diastolic diameters LVESD 53 mm (before surgery was 65), ventricular end-systolic diameter the end systolic pressure LVESD 37 mm (before 48 ),and the EF 65%. also the left atrium LA was measured 50 mm and the...
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    Coagucheck XS Test Strips

    I would like to know how much do strips cost in different countries. For example in Greece it has the box with 24 strips about at 80 euros in pharmacies. I saw in ebay prices up to 100 euros.
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    Anti-coagulation and travel

    I would like to share some thoughts about medicines when you travel, I will tell you what is happening in Greece and I would like to know what applies in other countries eg UK-France -Germany-USA etc. Ιn Greece the only anticoagulant drug that is available is acenocoumarol (name of the drug...
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    Ferro and INR

    I had today blood test and the Ferro (41 normal is 60 - 160 μg/dL) and the hematocrit (33. normal is 40-52%) . The doctor recommended that I take ferro for two months he said the ferro do not affect the INR Ιs anyone taking ferro for treatment or does anyone know anything ?
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    INR Data sheet

    I make a data sheet for target inr 2-3, it is for MAC apple and works with number program and I try to upload but thiς is not allowed . If someone want to try this I can send it by email or if the moderator can upload this . All data are opens to can anyone replace that so please be careful for...
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    Νew sternal closure methods!the-grande-pre-the-system--sequence/c1i38
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    Αortic valve replacement

    Today my cardiologist decided it was time for the surgery I have bicuspid aortic valve . On Friday I have an appointment with the cardiac surgeon for enlargements. The surgery will be in the first week of April and the valve will be mechanical Ι have ascending aortic 42 mm and perhaps the aorta...
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    iline microsydtem

    has anyone used this device ? iLine microsystems
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    Xpresia siemens

    Ηas anyone used the following device ?
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    Bicarbon Livanova

    Hi everyone! I would love to hear opinions for the new aortic valve bicarbon of Livanova that tace CE mark recently ,also if there are data and what the difference with on-x cryolife .