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  1. Astro

    CoaguChek INRange monitor impressions

    Yesterday my new CoaguChek INRange arrived so I would like to share my first impressions of this machine. Over the last couple months (since my surgery) I have been using a CoaguChek XS machine. The CoaguChek INRange is the newer version from Roche. Here are my initial observations/impressions...
  2. Astro

    AVR tomorrow

    I'm in hospital for the workup for my AVR tomorrow. I'm 45 so I'm going mechanical. The surgeon recommends a Medtronic open pivot valve (previously called ATS). He says that it is the quietest and my search of the literature seems to confirm this. Really, I see very little difference between the...
  3. Astro

    The benefit of an idiot friend

    Recently I told my best friend that it is likely that I’ll need open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement within the next 6 months. I’m a 45 year old guy with 3 kids and a leaky bicuspid aortic valve. Rather than receiving the expected response, “That’s no good mate”. My friend said...