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  1. Sheenas7

    Voltaren, Arnicare, Aspercreme, Salon Pass and back pain on blood thinners

    Hi everyone, Lately I have pulled a muscle on my back twice by doing very little in the span of 3 months. Also once I got a stiff neck. I did ask about taking ibuprofen and many of you have done so and tested more often. I was told I could take one Advil when I first hurt myself and no more...
  2. Sheenas7

    Had my first shot of Pfzier vaccine.

    Just hello every one. I had my first shot on a Tuesday February 9 and that morning prior to the vaccine, my INR was 2.5. I only had pain in the arm and some feeling of being tired and a malaise. No fever and nothing more. That night I took a regular Tylenos and slept. Next day still felt tired...
  3. Sheenas7

    Home monitoring for coumadin. I have a mechanical heart valve

    Hi my name is Sheena. I would like your advise on what is the best home monitoring. I live in northern virginia and my doctor is in chevy chase Maryland. With the coronavirus I would like to have a home monitor in case I should need to home test. I am 70 years old female and my valve surgery...