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  1. Paul

    Stop sending me Emails

    I have unchecked all the preferences, even sent an email to the web site but they still send me daily emails. I do not wish to delete my profile, (if even that will work), but I wish it would stop. Any ideas??????? Paul
  2. Paul

    One year today!!!!

    So here it is one year ago at 11:00am I was laying in the bed with the heating fan blanket waiting to be taken downstairs for my artificial valve. Today I am at work typing this clicking away like I have been for the last 365 days. It didn't get quieter like all the doctors said it would...
  3. Paul

    First Cold with the new Artificial valve

    So I have logged about 5 months on the new Artificial valve and everyone around me is coughing and sneezing. Last night I could feel the scratch throat coming on. So what is the process? When does a person go to the doctor for antibiotic to protect the heart? Wait for a fever? Start...
  4. Paul

    Bentall Procedure

    Just got back from my angiogram, spoke with the surgeon and he said I will require a root replacement as well as an artificial aortic valve. He refered to it as the Bentall Procedure. I was just expecting a valve replacement but when they took the measurements the root has to go as well. That...
  5. Paul

    Recovering alone

    I have been reading through many of your posts and have found it very informative. I tried to do a search in the post surgery forums to see if anyone had recovered on thier own but I didnt find much. So I guess what im asking is .... Has any one recovered from aortic valve replacment on thier...