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  1. Amy

    4 weeks post AVR, aorta graft and CABG - my experience

    I had a few nerve issues after too; the most troubling ones have gradually subsided over the weeks. I was worried that the reports of others’ recovery seemed so much better than mine, but it seems (I feel) week 5 is a big one for healing. Hope that’s true for you too. Just in the last few...
  2. Amy

    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    For all you nerds out there on Warfarin - have you read this? - Warfarin: The Definitive Guide — tl;dr pharmacy
  3. Amy

    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Barring becoming a professional scientist, I bet you would enjoy injecting juice or syrup into cakes like the men (it’s always men) do on the British Baking Show.
  4. Amy

    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    Or maybe there’s a bit of scientist in you.
  5. Amy

    First post from Maryland - advice and support needed!

    Jesus! I didn’t even know that was possible!
  6. Amy

    Cath 3 days before valve replacement- question

    I wanted to know the same thing but never was able to get a definitive answer from anyone on exactly what caused the crazy arrhythmias. Everyone had different ideas, (but only offered them of course when I insisted on hearing them) . One possibility was that they used too much of the drug...
  7. Amy

    Cath 3 days before valve replacement- question

    They did that to me too. I had a hematoma, scary arrhythmias, felt awful... ended up staying in the hospital from 1pm that day till noon the next day. The best part was being blamed for the radial spasming due to ‘being emotional’.
  8. Amy

    Imminent AVR - 40 y.o. female - advice please

    5 weeks post-op and how concerned should I be about what I believe is a sinus infection / staph infection in the nose? I’m keeping an eye on my temperature, and have been swabbing my nose with diluted iodine since I can’t use mupirocin on warfarin. I’m not on any antibiotics but I’m guessing...
  9. Amy

    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    I thought so too!! Unfortunately, it seems CC also subscribes to the ‘one and done’ philosophy - - as in, ‘one patient out the door, done answering any questions afterwards’.
  10. Amy

    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    Hmm. I’m still confused, lol. Thank you everyone for chiming in. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask for one then, to have a baseline for myself, even if no doctor is interested in my having one right away. Plus it would be great to make sure this cold/sinus infection I’ve developed over the last...
  11. Amy

    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    Hi, I’m one month post-op and had my AVR and ascending aorta resection done at CC. I contacted a nurse here to get basic information. She said you could be assigned a surgeon, or choose. I let them assign one to see who it’d be, then ended up requesting someone else because it didn’t seem...
  12. Amy

    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    Thank you for your advice about everything up till now. I’m grateful for you guys. So, two weeks post-op, I had an electrocardiogram. That was it. The cardiologist listened quickly to my chest, but didn’t comment on my incision. He also didn’t give any guidance on continuing either the beta...
  13. Amy

    Incision on chest not healed completely.

    Hi @tom in MO - - how long about would you say? For your sternum incision to completely heal? (Just to be clear, I never started the Cipro, so I didn’t stop taking antibiotics in the middle of a course.) I’m just now thinking about whether to try cardiac rehab or not... I very much doubt the...
  14. Amy

    Post Surgery update

    Keep us updated as to what new stretches you learn. I wasn’t told anything about stretching & am getting most of my recent ideas from you and Chuck. Hey, can I ask how long you’re walking for every day?
  15. Amy

    Chest tightness/numbness/hypersensitivity

    my thoughts exactly!!!
  16. Amy

    Post Surgery update

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like you’re truly on the mend. : ) is that like a sports physiotherapist? Or is there another, non-sports ‘physio’ ? Just curious. same thing here. I lose the point of stories I’m in the middle of way more often than I used to. On a related note, I find myself...
  17. Amy

    4 Year AVR anniversary

    Wait, do you mean they’re checking up on you every 8 weeks?... Dang. Shoulda had my AVR done in Tokyo. happy four years’!
  18. Amy

    Post Surgery update

    Hi Tezza, Just wondering how you’re doing! : ) I’m a week or so behind you, I think, in terms of recovery, & I’m beginning to get even more of a taste of the shoulder pain you were talking about... all of a sudden today (on post-op day 30) I got a sharp pain and can hardly use my right arm for...
  19. Amy

    Incision on chest not healed completely.

    Hey @Chuck C - I decided to hold off on the Cipro for a couple days - just to watch and see. (In part thanks to you and Pellicle’s kindly offering your opinion that my incision was not infected - thank you.) But interestingly, (disturbingly??) a second NP called (after the first one who...
  20. Amy

    Moving to a plant based diet

    I could be wrong, but my feeling is that the vast majority of this forum’s users have congenital, not acquired, valve issues, that if not diagnosed at birth, were found later to have been there all along. Does a plant-based diet prevent stenosis progression in congenitally diseased valves...