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    Mechanical Valvers, how old is yours?

    I was recruited into a mechanical vs Ross procedure study. I was randomized into the mechanical. I agonized over whether I should drop out of the study and get a ross. After much research I concluded that mechanical was the better option. A big factor...
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    Life Expectancy BAV Mechanical vs Tissue

    It is my understanding that younger people wear our bio valves faster (in general) due to how certain elements in the blood affect the valve, accelerating AVD. It's a big reason why I am going mechanical in 12 days. As for your friend, the range of reasons a person in their 40's needs AVR is...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    That is very interesting. I'm 50, about to get AVR. One cardiologist suggested that bio at 50 was an option, with a TAVI at 65 and 80. If TAVI is bad at those ages, then I would be signing up for another OHS. One is enough. Mechanical it is. (yes, I have done lots of research into my decision...