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    Did you have a follow-up echo 4-6 weeks post-op?

    My surgeon released me after an X-ray showed good sternum healing. My cardio said an echo wasn't needed at the first appointment, but insurance allowed him some discretion and he scheduled one later just to see. From what I can gather, cardios order echos post-surgery. I was told recently by...
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    St Jude Trifecta failure

    I checked up on my St. Jude mechanical valve on the FDA website. Only 1 failure in many years and that one was a long long time ago. We've had forum members who have got only 2-5 years out of their tissue valve. Seems to me you are just fear-mongering and that's cruel.
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    Are you more religious?

    I was schooled by brothers and nuns for my elementary education with no abuse of any kind. This thread is now so off topic and out of the realm of valve replacement surgery, even I think it should be shut down.
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    How long is AVR surgery

    If it's your kids asking, tell them a time that is longer than anticipated, then they will be happy when it's shorter :)
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    On- X valve is superior to outdated one like st jude and ATS

    You do not have to "cut that out" or "let go some of the things" just because you are on warfarin. Eat normally, test regularly, "dose the diet" and you then do not need to "diet the dose." Your body is still healing, just eat a good varied diet and you will be fine.
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    Incision on chest not healed completely.

    how long about would you say? For your sternum incision to completely heal? I don't remember, but would guess a month or more. In two weeks it was looking OK but I had two areas that took longer. May I ask how long you did cardiac rehab for? Did you see a big difference in how you felt, your...
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    Are you more religious?

    Life is suffering and suffering is life. Every human relationship ends in tragedy (death, divorce, moving away); it's part of life. Most people take comfort in some spiritual things such as their religion, their god, their philosophy, nature, etc.. All humans have a coping mechanism, you...
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    St Jude Trifecta failure

    You can eat and drink what you want while on warfarin as long as you routinely test your INR. I believe Medicare allows weekly home testing.
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    Gym and warfarin

    I cannot recommend anything, but believe a good varied diet is better than supplements. Look at a stone mason, they have useful powerful muscle mass w/o supplements.
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    Incision on chest not healed completely.

    I have taken Cipro many times on warfarin and it has no effect on my INR. However, I have been warned Cipro can change the INR. You should never stop taking an antibiotic "just to watch and see." If your antibiotic is needed, generally you need a full course of it to assure the infection...
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    Are you more religious?

    If discussing one's relationship with god in context of valve replacement surgery bothers anyone, don't read this thread. Whether one believes in god, religion, animism, stoicism etc. that's cool. If it helps to handle life with valve replacement surgery and all that comes with it...that's...
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    4 Year AVR anniversary

    Congratulations on your 4-year success story. Good luck with the Canadian health system. You might not need a specialist. Some people don't use cardios if their internist is sufficient.
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    Ok to play football?

    To not play "contact sports" because you are on warfarin is too broad a statement. I'd avoid headers, but the science of the last 20 years says that's true for anybody. Three weeks out of surgery, you need to stay away from hard-contact anything to allow your sternum to heal. Some say wait 6...
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    CryoLife On-X INR Claims

    Bruising gets worse as you get older...and when a new younger dog enters the house :) I want to be safe from clots and also bruise free. Normal clotting time for a human is INR 1.0. The difference in 1.5 and 3 INR is it takes twice as long to stop bleeding for you and at 3 it's 3 times...
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    First post from Maryland - advice and support needed!

    I had shoulder pain caused by the operation and the positioning of my left arm. I was treated with two drugs and a water heated pad with exercises prescribed by a physical therapist in the hospital. I kept up with the exercises afterward and was sent home with a 2-week prescription. It took...
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    Dental work post-surgery

    I have a mechanical AVR. No presurgery clearance for me. The last time I read the guidelines, dental work did not require a change in coagulation therapy. The major risk for dental work is not bleeding but bacteria that might travel to your heart and cause endocarditis. Any dental work that...
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    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    NSAIDS are not recommended for people on warfarin. Some doctors disallow them, my cardio allows for up to 3 months at the maximum OTC dose. The problem is NSAIDS can cause stomach bleeding which is hard to treat if you are on anticoagulation agents.
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    Things in Nature that Affect the INR

    Tylenol aka acetaminophen does not effect my INR and is allowed by my cardiologist and internist with no restriction. It is an important drug for people of all ages.
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    Aortic Valve Choices

    Scars are cool. A friend was shot in the shoulder, his scar is a badge of toughness :) One person with multiple surgeries who passed young said she said each scar was a sign of success.
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    How scared should I be?

    I disagree. I change problem. I've had swings in my INR that needed a new permanent dose regimen using pills that came out of the same bottle. INRs can change for reasons nobody knows. Just because B comes after A doesn't mean A caused B.