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  1. AgilityDog

    6th (and 2nd) Valversary

    Today is the 6th valversary of my St. Jude's mitral valve. August 10 was the 2nd valversary of my On-x aortic valve. Just tickin' away here.:cool:
  2. AgilityDog

    Really? Just Really?

    Woman loses chance at a heart transplant because she can't stop stealing. She must really have a bad case of cleptomania. I'm so sad for her/mad at her that she can't control herself even under these circumstances...
  3. AgilityDog

    Phizer stops study on potential new anticoagulant

    Here's the news story I mentioned on the Darvocet thread
  4. AgilityDog

    Another dosing consult, please

    I will call my cardio's nurse once the office opens. Surgery 14 days ago. In hospital I was theraputic on 3 mg/day 21 mg/week, but the discharging NP told me to hold that night and restart at 1 mg/day. Being ill and subject to my husband's fear of post surgical bleeding, I complied with...
  5. AgilityDog

    2 quick questions

    12 days post surgery, I was looking for some old threads and can't seem to get the search narrowed enough, so I'll just ask the same old questions: 1. What do you suggest I use to remove the sticky stuff left over from the ekg pads and dressings on my IV area? Icky, attract dirt, and the dried...
  6. AgilityDog

    Dosing consult, please!

    At the hospital, they started me back at 3 mg/day, 21/wk. I was theraputic at 3.3 in 3 days. The day I was released, the nurse practitioner insisted I hold warfarin that night (Tues), because my INR had come up "too fast" I thought it was just right. And restart Wednesday at 1 mg, test daily...
  7. AgilityDog

    Agilitydog is in recovery!!!!

    Hello, I am a friend of this poster and she asked me to update this group on her day of surgery. She had the valve replacement and additional procedures done. She was in surgery from 11 this morning to about 5pm. I spoke with her husband at 7pm and she is in the ICU recovery room and waking...
  8. AgilityDog

    Less than 24 Hours, and Counting

    I just got back from pre-surgical intake, blood draws, and x-ray. I'm about a pint low, and sporting a fancy plastic bracelet:thumbd: They've changed my schedule again. Now I check in at 9:30, which means little chance of slicing and dicing before noon. But there's wi-fi in all the waiting...
  9. AgilityDog

    INR during bridging???

    Ok, I'm a nervous nellie, I admit it. Has anyone ever taken their INR during bridging? I thought I'd get an error code, but I didn't. I just took my INR (in part because I am NOT bruising with the generic lovenox shots, and in part because my husband asked me to) and it is 1.4 I know the...
  10. AgilityDog

    Changed my Date

    I just got off the phone with the surgeon's office. My date has been changed to August 11. Sigh. I may lose my furry mind between now and then. Also, according to the nurse, I'm supposed to stop my warfarin 7 days prior, and bridge for 5, with no lovenox 24 hours pior to surgery. :confused...
  11. AgilityDog

    Study recommends continuing to give warfarin before and during pacemaker implantation

    Rather than bridging with Lovenox, or withholding anticoagulation entirely, new study recommends continuing to give warfarin right up to and through surgery...
  12. AgilityDog

    Appointment with Dr. Ryan, Part Deux - It's Official!

    Put me on the calendar. AVR scheduled for August 5. Dr. Ryan was real personable, and took lots of time with me. First thing he said, which really endeared him to me, was "Well, you've been through the wringer, haven't you?" Yup, he's read the file. He says there is a possibility (not...
  13. AgilityDog

    Appointment with Dr. Ryan

    I just got in from my 6-month echo and visit with my cardiologist, Dr. E. He's concerned about my deteriorating systolic function. I didn't think to ask for numbers on my EF, but it has been dropping slowly.:( I have an appointment 6/8/10 with Dr. William Ryan about replacing my aortic valve...
  14. AgilityDog

    Valve repair ring - interesting doctor's spat Wall Street Journal article today regarding alleged research with new valve repair ring without patient consent @ Northwestern.
  15. AgilityDog

    New Drug for Afib on the horizon Have ya'll seen this? I hear tell that it will be introduced this year. Supposedly less toxic than amiodorone.
  16. AgilityDog

    Help me calculate, please

    I've been running about 2.5 to 2.7, on 28 mg per week. 4mx7 2 weeks ago I had a cold, hit 5.1, held 1/2 dose on Sun and Mon, and reduced dosage to 26.5 schedule After holding, I actually took 22.5 mg last week Today I'm at 6.1! I've had allergies (took claritin F & Sat, no interactions...
  17. AgilityDog

    Those Seven Dirty Words

    A la George Carlin keep going through my head. I just got back from the cardiologist, and it appears my aortic valve has to be replaced now, too. I was really hoping to get more time between the mitral and whenever the aortic finally deteriorated, but that is not to be. Dr. E. says sometime...
  18. AgilityDog

    Latest Update on Experiments with "Beating Mouse Hearts"

    It looks like they have made another step towards building us replacement hearts. Many people read about the beating mouse heart. Now they are building blood vessels, too. Maybe someday soon this will be an option for some of us...
  19. AgilityDog

    Pasta e Fagioli

    2 T olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 closves garlic, finely chopped 2 large carrots, sliced in 1/4 inch rounds 1 medium zucchini, cubed 2 T chopped fres basil 1/4 cup flat parley leaves, tightly packed 1 cup fresh spinach, tightly packed 3 cup chopped frsh or salt-free canned tomatos 15 oz can...
  20. AgilityDog

    New England Fish Chowder with Thyme

    1 TBsp olive oil 1 med. onion, chopped 3 cups low sodium/no sodium fish or chicken broth 2 medium potatos, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes 3/4 tsp dried thyme 1/8 stp pepper 1 pound fish fillets, cut into 1 inch chunks 1 cup fat free evaporated milk 1/4 cup all purpose flour cook onion in...