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    Covid Vaccine and INR

    I'm scheduled to get my 1st Covid vaccine (Pfizer) shot tomorrow. I'm curious if I should expect any changes with my INR? I noticed that Sheenas7 posted that she didn't see a difference after her first Pfizer shot in February. Anyone else?
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    Need INR at 1.8. Reducing Warfarin question..

    On Monday morning, I'm scheduled for a heart cath to determine if I have a coronary artery blockage. I have a St Jude's valve and religiously monitor my INR. My doctor wants me to stop taking Warfarin 3 days prior to the procedure, so my INR is 1.8 early Monday morning for the procedure. My...
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    Reducing Coumadin prior to drinking alcohol?

    I haven't drank alcohol since my surgery last June. However I'll probably have 2-3 beers at an event this weekend. I'm pretty fanatical about my INR and test at home weekly. My recommended range is 2.0-3.0. I like to stay in the 2.4-2.8 area. Last week, I was 3.2 (the highest I've ever...
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    Petechiae and Warfarin

    I'm 51 years old and had OHS 13 weeks ago. The purpose of the surgery was to repair an atrial aortic aneurysm and a leaky valve. I opted for the mechanical valve. My recovery is going well with the exception of Petechiae on the lower 8 inches of my legs (ankle and above). The Petechiae appeared...