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    Minimally invasive Mitral Valve replacement scar

    Here are scars from 3 months after surgery and 7 years after surgery. It's hard to see the scar now. Sorry no shirt.
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    Staying the Course 12-18-2018

    Starting this off a week before Christmas. Everyone must be shopping except us men who always wait until the 24th. This past week I started to run a little. I'm feeling better with work stress decreasing. A couple repeats of running a couple hundred yards and then walking. I have a 5K race in...
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    Staying the course 9/17/18

    OK, I fudged the date in the title. It's already Thursday and no posts! SB, bet you have had enough rain. Hope you kept dry and are doing well. It was great to hear you Dr. report was positive news. Here in So Cal it's cooling off and the weather is near perfect. We could use a little rain...
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    Staying the Course 9/4/2018

    It's Tuesday, where is everybody? Hope SB doesn't find out we're not on top of this. Hope everyone in the US had a great Labor Day weekend. I got 4 stitches in my calf after an accident with a trash bag with broken glass in it. And on Warfarin it did bleed. I'm back to walking without...
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    Hello from new member

    Recently joined and wanted to say hello. I found this site after my surgery and enjoy reading the posts. I've learned a lot that they didn't tell me. 4 years ago I had mitral valve replacement. All arteries were clear and I took the choice of minimally invasive surgery (not a member of the...