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    Ross Procedure at Mass General

    bicuspidman, Have you thought about the possibility of having it repaired and/or of the Ozaki procedure? Here is a post from a member who had it for BAV. Having Ozaki Procedure July 10th
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    Ross Procedure at Mass General

    There are also world leading surgeons that also do the Ross procedure. Dr. Gosta Pettersson is one of them at the same hospital (Cleveland Clinic) as Dr. Svensson. Dr. Pettersson also happens to be the developer of the "Ross reversal" procedure used for re-operations for failed Ross procedures...
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    Ross Procedure at Mass General

    Yes, there are folks here that have experience with the Ross procedure. Use SEARCH bar to find (I listed a few below). I also listed 2 sites with "some" surgeons that do Ross procedure. Suggest starting from there (Don't see any near you in MA though). Links with Ross surgeons: Ross Procedure...
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    Anyone had a "non-invasive" clip surgery on their tricuspid valve?

    I went to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center website and using the search bar found the below clinical trial for Edwards PASCAL Transcatheter Valve Repair System (start date: December 11, 2019). Edwards PASCAL TrAnScatheter Valve RePair System Pivotal Clinical Trial (CLASP II TR) I did not...
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    Anyone had a "non-invasive" clip surgery on their tricuspid valve?

    Is this the study? Abbott Launches Pivotal Trial of TriClip Tricuspid Valve Repair System TRILUMINATE Study Shows Treatment with Abbott's First-of-its-Kind Minimally Invasive Device Reduces Tricuspid Heart Valve Leaks
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    How soon will work & driving resume after AVR

    After my wife was discharged from her last surgery, I had to drive her back home (7hr drive without stops). All the nurses and doctors reminded us for her to sit in the back seat for a few weeks due to the airbag. We get in the car and she sat in the front passenger seat as we both felt safe and...
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    Aortic insufficiency surgery/ one year later moderate aortic stenosis

    By your surgeon saying "it would buy me 10-12 years of no blood thinners", did he mean that to be that you would require another surgery then to replace the repaired valve with a mechanical valve which would then require blood thinners? If so, that doesn't sound right on at least 2 fronts: 1)...
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    Aortic insufficiency surgery/ one year later moderate aortic stenosis

    I see Pellicle did some homework and read your bio (I didn't) that you had a repair.
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    Aortic insufficiency surgery/ one year later moderate aortic stenosis

    Assuming you got a biological aortic valve replacement, it most likely would require another surgery as they tend to last anywhere between 10 to 20 years. If you got a mechanical valve, then at your age it most likely would last your lifetime. The longevity for TAVR I think is still...
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    I posted 2 links below that discuss this: Yet Another Colonoscopy Question Colonoscopy FWIW, my wife who is on Coumadin for mechanical AV and MV's skipped the Colonoscopy and opted for the at-home Cologuard test.
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    Covid Vaccine and INR

    No noticeable difference in INR after my wife got her 1st Pfizer shot either. Think of it as just another variable that could impact your INR so test as usual and make dosage change if needed.
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    Find one test method and stay with it? Pshaw

    To take it a step further, the "Incidence (per 100 patient-years)" is a ratio calculated by multiplying the number of events by the incidence period then dividing that by the number of patient-years. e.g. For the below INR Interval of 3.0-3.4, 6 X 100 / 248.8 = 2.4 Incidence (per 100...
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    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    No, you didn't strike a nerve and hope I didn't come across that way. Just wanted to share what I know and clarify some things. My wife has an employer PPO plan (has both in- and out-of-network benefits) but is only using in-network benefits for the service. Each plan is different so you need...
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    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    Depending on your insurance plan, you may not need to use an INR management service (e.g. BioTel Heart). For example, if you have out-of-network benefits, then you may be able to get partial/full reimbursement for purchasing a device and supplies without being tied to a service. The service...
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    Self-monitoring INR from the start

    You may find if you go through insurance, it might take a few weeks/months after your surgery to get setup and receive your device and supplies. If you buy without going through insurance then you can test at home right away. Usually if you go through your insurance's in-network benefits, you...
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    'Failed' Ablation. What now?

    My wife (3 OHS for multiple valves) had a 48 hr halter which reported benign PVC's around 17% of the time. They were most noticeable when resting sitting-up or laying down. Her Cardio instructed her to cut her dosage of thyroid medicine (Synthroid) in 1/2 which drastically reduced them. Have...
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    Post op complications

    See below link. pleural-effusion-drain-valve-replacement-repair-symptoms
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    Coagulation device

    You learn something new everyday!
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    Covid 19 Vaccine For Post Op

    Vasovagal Syncope (fainting) is common after vaccinations but not sure if that's the case for your mom as it sounds like it was a few days later? Vasovagal syncope linked to fainting after vaccination
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    Valve progression, pre and post op prep, valve selection, timelines

    The same thing happened after my wife's 2nd OHS to replace her MV (but not for her 1st and 3rd OHS). Her heart rate would drop too low, the alarms/bells would go off and everyone would come rushing in to the room. The temp pacemaker would then kick-in and bring her heart rate back-up to normal...