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    Mechanical Valvers, how old is yours?

    How long you had the MV for (when)? 4 months, Dec. 2020 Why did you get the MV (disease, congenital, emergency)? Aortic stenosis and bicuspid aortic valve What is life on warfarin like? My life is about the same as before my surgery except, I feel so much better and have more energy! Ever had a...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Hi Chuck, You’re doing great!! Impressive actually! I can relate about the hospital not releasing you and the frustration. Reading about your hospital stay sounds similar to my stay. I had severe bicuspid valve replaced with an on-x valve Dec. 2nd 2020. I was one day in ICU, then on my 2nd day...
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    Warfarin app

    It charts INR readings, it keeps track of your medications, appointments. There's a reminder to take your meds too. I like it for the history of my readings. It displays as a list or a chart. You can export the info also. I use it for the history.
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    Warfarin app

    I download the app "My INR". so far I've been happy with it.
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    Low INR

    Hi Tina, I had my aorta valve replaced Dec. 3. with an on-x valve. This week I'm finally close to my 2.5 level that I want to be. It was my first time over 2! (my dose this week was 9 mg/day) There were 4 weeks I was at 1.3, even though the clinic kept upping my dose. That was scary for me! I...
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    Back on the merry-go-round, or just caffeine?

    Protimenow It sure is frustrating going through all that! Hang in there!! After my On-X valve surgery Dec. 3, 2020, I had fluid around my lungs. It was difficult to breath, even after my tubes were removed. My doctor had an x-ray ordered for my 4th week home. The liquid was getting worse not...
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    Any recent On-X valvers in here?

    I got my valve in Dec 2020. I didn't know about a ring.