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    Five years in January!

    Hi valve replacement folks. It is hard to believe but my OHS was over 5 years ago. I am doing well (except for Covid) and am grateful to be here.
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    Strong emotions at post operative visit

    Hi folks, yesterday I met with the surgeon who repaired my aortic aneurysm and installed (not correct word but I think you know what I mean) a mechanical valve. The appointment went generally well but I was surprised by the intensity of my emotions. It was a short appointment, and pleasant, but...
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    AmyBL made it to the other side, too

    Hi Folks, Just moved from the Cardiac ICU, to the Progressive Unit. I feel tired, but glad to be at that point. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and support Amy
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    After released from hospital, if you had help, how long was helper off work?

    Hi, Valve Replacement folks! On January 19th, I will have my aorta repaired, and will probably the valve replaced, as well. My spouse has several weeks of leave time accrued from work. I understand that no one can predict what will happen, but how long would you advise him to take off? Thanks in...
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    Most recent American College Cardiology guidelines

    Hi Friends! I saw my cardiologist today and he mentioned that there are guidelines regarding frequency of measurement/testing, for people with aneurysms. I have looked and found a few seemingly relevant articles but upon further review, I find nothing about frequency of echos, etc (as in every 6...
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    I think I had my first symptom

    Hello everyone. I have not posted in awhile but am generally doing well. Earlier today I think I experienced my first official symptom. I will call the cardiologist to report but am curious to hear from people who have lived experience with heart symptoms. After about 30 minutes of vigorous...
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    Persistent left superior vena cava?

    Hi folks. I had my 6 month echo yesterday. It was interesting because the echo tech was a student and her instructor was in the room providing instruction and feedback. The instructor made a big deal (over-stated, but she was moderately excited) about the presence of my "persistent left superior...
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    I have BAV. What did you tell your child's pediatrician?

    Hi folks, My twin sons have their yearly well-visit with the pediatrician this week. During the past year, I was diagnosed with BAV and know that my children are at an increased risk of having the same condition. I have not been told of any heart murmurs for the boys. How did the other parents...
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    BAV newbie with a pain question

    Hello new friends! Over the past couple of weeks, I have become familiar with many of you, and your harrowing (and often) uplifting stories. The opportunity to be connected with people with the same condition has to be one of the best uses of the internet. Recently I was diagnosed with BAV and...