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    i have been to far away from the site!!!! SORRY!! :(

    *i tried to fix my spelling error in the thread title, it wont let me! Are there a lot of people who come and go from this site? Unfortunately I am one of them. I have been realizing it for awhile now but can you believe I have been too lazy to log in.... Joining in 2010 after learning of my...
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    Sex after surgery

    well, my husband only gave me a week to recover..and i am still here.... but i can't answer for the men who have had surgery. that is probably really hard on the sternum....i would have no choice but to wait at least 3/4 weeks after surgery if i were a guy!
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    I've Been Taken Off Aspirin

    i have a bovine valve and was on the prescription dose of aspirin after surgery for 3 months(325mg?), then told to switch to a baby/81mg aspirin daily. they said it is to prevent clots on the valve....... so i have been taking it religiously. some days i do go 36 or 48 hours without one if i...
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    The best time of year for surgery

    i made sure to have it in a month where it wasnt too hot, but nice enough to be able to walk outside to recover and for fresh air. i didnt want to feel cooped up in the house and get depressed!!! i got the cold/flu 3 weeks after surgery. it was TERRIBLEEEEEE!!! make sure you get a flu shot!
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    36 'n' done!

    hey that is awesome! we live so close, this year we have to try to get together for a car show!
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    An Introduction...

    hi tabitha! i feel for you. this was the worst time of my life. i had a baby in december 2008 and another in december 2009. 5 days after giving birth that second time i was told out of nowhere about my heart condition and that i would need surgery that year. i had a huge aortic aneurysm and it...
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    thank u :)

    thank u :)
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    Had my surgery!!!

    congrats laura!
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    wow, awesome to hear everyone is back in the snow after surgery! thanks for your replies!
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    How Many Still Exercise?

    i started working out 3 months after surgery, and joined a huge gym. i try to go every day for at least 1 hour......except for this month, i have been sick for like 4 weeks straight!
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    got a new one for xmas, im excited to get back on think my sternum is good to go? in may it will be 2 years since i had my surgery. how crazy is that? time flies.
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    Another Newbie with questions...

    sorry it took so long to reply, i thought my email would alert me when you replied! it took me 3-4 weeks before i could even physically TRY to lift my then 6 month old but at 6 weeks post op i took my life back lifting my then 6 1/2 month old and 19 month old. having them around helped for...
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    Another Newbie with questions...

    hi there! please message me with ANY questions! i had my heart surgery when my girls were 18 months old, and 5 months old. i know all of your feelings! i had my surgery last year. please let me know how i can help you!
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    Echo report

    awesome :)
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    First Surgery after OHS

    my gallbladder was removed 5 months before my ohs. good luck to you! you will be fine :)
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    Here I go...

    Oh my gosh I am so sad to read this :( I was 25 and diagnosed with a BAV and told like you, it would probably never affect me. So I had two babies, and 5 days after the second baby was born they told me I needed to have open heart surgery within the next year! I waited until my baby was 5...
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    i can't help you sorry :( but i have a tissue valve and take 1 81mg daily aspirin... i did ask my cardiologist last weekend about myself and he said i can drink as much/little as i want and be okay. which is good, since i already am! i do think with warfarin you might have to be a bit more...
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    Birth Control after Valve Replacement

    thanks everyone! the reason for the birth control is just to control my crazy periods i have been having. i would like to have another baby , probably going to try next year so i dont want my husband getting the snip...yet! haha! i feel comfortable going on it after hearing from you all, and...
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    Birth Control after Valve Replacement

    hi! any women here on birth control after having their replacements? i am nervous to start mine, but my doctor always tells me pregnancy is more dangerous then taking the pill for anyone, surgery or not. just curious if anyone else takes it? thanks :) jackie
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    4.8cm aneurysm on ascending aorta questions

    hey, i was 27 years old when i was diagnosed with BAV, with mild stenosis and a 4.8 ascending aortic aneurysm. they told me due to the size of the aneurysm i would need surgery some time that year, but i could chose when. they replaced my aortic valve as long as they were in there because it...