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    i have been to far away from the site!!!! SORRY!! :(

    *i tried to fix my spelling error in the thread title, it wont let me! Are there a lot of people who come and go from this site? Unfortunately I am one of them. I have been realizing it for awhile now but can you believe I have been too lazy to log in.... Joining in 2010 after learning of my...
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    got a new one for xmas, im excited to get back on think my sternum is good to go? in may it will be 2 years since i had my surgery. how crazy is that? time flies.
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    Birth Control after Valve Replacement

    hi! any women here on birth control after having their replacements? i am nervous to start mine, but my doctor always tells me pregnancy is more dangerous then taking the pill for anyone, surgery or not. just curious if anyone else takes it? thanks :) jackie
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    One year, one month after surgery.........

    hey everyone. my scar has been through so many changes! i dont know if you could tell from my previous photos, but it was raised. so it was bothering me. i got that really "tight" feeling at times, and it was uncomfortable. itchy too. if my kids touched it, or scratched me accidentally there, it...
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    Cardiac MRI Result Conversions?

    Hi everyone it's me again My cardiologist's nurse has called to let me know that my dacron graft looks great and there is no problems there so the pain I sometimes feel in that area is probably just nerve damage. I asked her about my aortic valve and since it was an MRI the numbers are...
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    small update on me again! if anyone isn't tired of hearing!

    so with the constant chest pain/pressure and last echo results i have realized i can not move forward until i know exactly what is going on. so i made an appointment to see the cardiologist today downtown at northwestern. i am very happy i did. she was very real with me, and genuinely cared...
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    My scar at 9 months out

    here i am posting this for all of the new members who like myself, were curious about the scar after surgery! here is mine at 9 months out now. not as light as i would like it!
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    CT Scan vs. Echocardiogram

    Which is more accurate? With all of my "problems" whether real or in my head, I have been thinking I should just get a CT Scan to put my mind 100% at ease. I have had 2 echo's since surgery as most of you know but I just feel like I need something more accurate. When I went to the acute care...
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    Sharp pain where I would imagine the ascending arch graft might be...?

    Hi everyone :) just another problem i am recently having! i have had quick shooting pains in this area once in awhile but now it is a constant sharp pain. it is 2-3 inches to the left of the top of my sternum incision. it is not the bone, but underneath pain. its like a jabbing or stabbing in a...
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    balloon catheter

    hi everyone just curious..can they do the balloon catheter procedure on tissue valves?
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    Update on me!

    Hi everyone. Thanks for following my story and offering the comments and advice. I realllllllly appreciate you all. Here is my update: I had my echo done on Thursday Dec. 23rd at my local cardio's office. I went back to see my local cardio today to go over the results. He said the echo is...
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    Convinced My Tissue Valve has FAILED

    Yes, it's me again. Negative Nancy. Debbie Downer.....I don't know any other names. Anyway, it has been in the back of my head all along that my valve is failing. Why else would I be lightheaded 24/7. Why is my blood pressure in the 50s? Why am I tired? So, I just thought after seeing all...
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    update on my lightheaded problems

    so after seeing the ENT and doing a more in depth 3 hour test, nothing is wrong with my ears. saw the eye doctor, and i do need glasses. they didn't have any brands i liked so i have to order them online. i am hoping this may SOME HOW help with my problem. HOWEVER i have always had lower...
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    My surgeon is involved in the trials for transcatheter aortic valve replacements yay!

    This gives me hope for my future surgery! When I need my tissue valve replaced, I am hoping these will no longer be trials but the real deal! Northwestern just did the procedure on the oldest person yet to receive it. She was 101, now she is 102. I love to hear all I can about this procedure ...
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    Question for tissue valvers. Post surgery echo results

    hi everyone. just curious....... for those of you with a tissue valve who have copies of your echo's. im looking for your ejection fraction and valve stenosis results 1.if you had an echo in the hospital after surgery before you went home, what were the results? 2. what were the results...
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    Results from Holter Monitor and Echocardiogram from last week

    hi everyone :) i posted last week about these annoying pvc's or whatever they are that i am having! i have been WAITING since last week for the cardiologist to call me back to give me my test results. i called a few times a day, with no call back. hopefully that is good news? however i was...
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    QUESTIONS again for those who have/had palpitations a few months after surgery!

    Hi again ! I was feeling awesome. BUT THEN! Around the 2 month mark after surgery (late july), I started to feel lightheaded all the time. Then I slowly started getting regular palpitations. I feel them in my neck on the right side pretty bad. Sometimes the lightheadedness is so bad, I can't...
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    Question about daily aspirin for tissue valver's

    Hi, I have a weird question and have not had a chance to ask my doctor yet. Since I got the tissue valve, I must take the 81mg baby aspirin once daily for the rest of my life. So my question is, 81mg isn't enough to help with pain/headaches so on the days that I take motrin for pain/fevers, do...
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    Can i get an mri/mra?

    Hi everyone :) Hope everyone is doing well. I just have a question. I have a MRI/MRA scheduled for tomorrow and I forgot to ask if it's okay that I have had heart valve surgery and have the wires inside of me. Anyone know if it's okay? Thanks :) Jackie
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    A question for my fellow Tissue Valvers

    Hey there I was just wondering, how many of you are on a daily dose of aspirin and what is the dose? I was told to take the 325mg for the first 3 months after my surgery. Today I saw my cardio and he said I could switch to a baby aspirin for the rest of my life now. But he didn't tell me to, I...