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  1. newarrior

    Some good news

    Last year I switched to: FAQ | Dr. Esselstyn's Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program My numbers crashed--almost off BP meds, weight down 20 lbs, LDL 56, Total Cholesterol 101, A1c low, trigylcerides low, Vit D and Magnesoium high, pulse normal, troponin and Crp super low etc, great treadmill...
  2. newarrior

    Adam Pick

    I find his site full of good info: That is all https://www.heart-valve-surgery.com/
  3. newarrior

    Valve progression, pre and post op prep, valve selection, timelines

    Dear All, I hope all is well. I have 3 sets of questions so please bear with me) May 2019 Vmax 3.11 mean PG 22.69 May 2020 Vmax 3.37 mean PG 26.09 Nov 2020 Vmax 3.47 Vmax Mean 28.87 LVEF 70-75% I am just learnng to interpret echoes. 1) I just came back from a new doctor in Bangkok; they...
  4. newarrior

    Is anyone here without health insurance ?

    I live in Thailand Insurers do not cover pre existing conditions My options: 1) Get the surgery done in the USA when the time comes if I am fit to fly and recover at an Air Bnb for a few months--either alone or shared 2) Keeping looking for insurance here in Thailand that may cover part or...
  5. newarrior

    Living overseas, living alone etc etc

    I have a number of life complications related to valve issues:: 1) Insurance here in Thailand will not cover pre existing conditions or most outpatient stuff 2) I live overseas/Bangkok 3) I may have to move back to the states for the best care+ the rotten insurance here 4) I dread moving back...
  6. newarrior

    Anyone forced to move due to valve diagnosis ?

    I may be forced to move back to the states after living in Asia for a few years.
  7. newarrior

    Depression, being single, being alone

    Was anyone in the group severely depressed BEFORE getting diagnosed with cardiac conditions ? Did getting diagnosed with valve disease send your depression farther down ? I am trying a new drug for depression. I also hate being single but my personality doesn't lend itself to being in a...
  8. newarrior

    Post op care for aortic valve surgery. Pre op suggestions as well.

    How does this work if we are single, no one to help us post op, no friends we can count on, family, partner, live alone etc ? Do I need to hire help ? How does one get through post op alone ? Is this possible ? I have a housecleaner that comes in every 2-3 weeks. Tiny condo 300 square feet to...
  9. newarrior

    Just did an MRI test for my heart more information below

    For anyone who's been having some cardiac pain and not sure if it's related to the valves rest musculoskeletal or something more heart-related in general I just did something called an MRI here in Thailand. They shot a bunch of die inside of me shot another thing to Jack my heart rate up stuck...
  10. newarrior

    Atypical Chest Pain

    Anyone get diagnosed with Atypical Chest Pain ? How effective is a treadmill test at diagnosing coronary blockage? Thanks !
  11. newarrior

    Mitral Valves - Dual Surgery

    Hello Everyone Hope the new year is well for all. Sorry we are connecting over such scary issues) I have moderate aortic stenosis and mild mitral valve regurgitation. My doctors here in Thailand are suggesting, at little added cost that they could probably replace both valves together either...
  12. newarrior

    Wanting to do Mutual phone support with fellow members.

    Anyone out there is interested in doing phone support let me know. I find connecting via the Internet isn't enough for me. Email me back and I'll let you know what time zone I'm in various ways to reach me. Thank you.
  13. newarrior

    Doing valve replacement overseas without insurance

    Dear All Hello and good day. I am sending this message to all my heart valve related groups so if you are on more than one of my groups please accept my apologies as my intent was not to spam. My name is David and I am an American living overseas in Bangkok Thailand. I have moderate aortic...
  14. newarrior

    Paying for surgeries 100% cash

    I'd love to hear from anyone who is a "cashie" i.e. funded their valve replacement with 100% cash especially if living overseas. I love living overseas but insurance here doesn't cover pre existing conditions i.e. valve issues. I have thought of doing the surgery stateside; renting something...
  15. newarrior

    Anyone do their surgeries as a cash patient ? How do you get through OHS with no family, no job, no support, single, no kids, partner, live alone ?

    Anyone do their surgeries as a cash patient ? How do you get through OHS with no family, no job, no support, single, no kids, partner, live alone, don't have insurance that covers cardiac interventions, surgeries etc etc ? Thanks Dave An American in Bangkok
  16. newarrior

    Lipoprotein or LP(a) + HDL

    Has anyone here had any luck lowering Lipoprotein or LP(a) and/or raising HDL ? I suspect both those may have contributed to having Calcified Aortic Stenosis as well as calcification of the arterial and cardiac systems. I just had my LP(a) checked and it was 88 ! I am doing Niacin since...
  17. newarrior

    New Non Invasive Treatment for Aortic Stenosis

    Thoughts ? https://mailchi.mp/b194abecddd5/cardiawavethe-worlds-first-non-invasive-treatment-of-calcific-aortic-stenosis?e=9a88cd39b5
  18. newarrior

    Even moderate Aortic Stenosis carries high risk of sudden death/complications

    Scary business even for those of us who are mild or moderate--- https://www.cardiovascularbusiness.com/topics/structural-congenital-heart-disease/longterm-survival-poor-patients-moderate-severe?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=cvb_news
  19. newarrior

    All over the board-live in Asia, AS not covered by insurance in Asia etc etc

    Dear Members For the Pre op single men--how has been a pre op with AS affected your game/confidence with women ? Anyone struggling with living in a country where their condition is not covered by insurance ? Anyone Western expats living in Bangkok/Thailand/Asia ? How to deal with the...
  20. newarrior

    Minor AS and finding a partner

    Any singles out there who are WAY pre surgery and have minor AS and are on a beta blocker ? How has getting diagnosed as having AS and/or beta blockers affected your confidence in the dating world ? thanks !