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    Two mechanical valves and had a bad head injury

    Hi ; My wife has two mechanical heart valves aortic and mitral. She is on Coumudin with INR 2.5-3.5. Two weeks ago, she had an innocent fall on her head. She did not lose conciousness and she was rushed to emergency. She was given Vit-K to reverse blood thinning. They stopped Coumudin. It looks...
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    AVR Post surgery update - Slow rcovery / Issues with breathing and heart rate

    Howdy, I am recovering well, but slowly after my AVR last month. This is monthly annivarsary. Hope everyone is also doing well. I am having couple of things going and looking for for your inputs/ experiences. Recovery: Recovery is going slow for me- I am still weak, as I am very afraid to...
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    Third Open Heart Surgery/ Second Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hi Folks, Great to see this forum with amazing people who are helping with their experiences/knowledge/ideas on various valve related issues. I truly appreciate your time and willingness to help. Here is my story, it is a long one - please bear with it. After having gone through so many medical...