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    Should I Have a Stent?

    What type of valve was placed?
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    Should I Have a Stent?

    I don't think most cardiologists think that diet is not important. Clearly reducing various fatty components in the blood appear to be a good thing in statistically reducing the chance of plaque build up. Diet does help but may be inadequate and may not be followed by everyone. So drugs to...
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    Your advice is sought!

    The most important decision is the surgeon. The second is the hospital. You want to go to a place and surgeon that does a lot of whatever you are having. The post op nursing is important the post op intensive care unit is important. So places like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic generally have high...
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    St Jude Valves

    I looked up some of the info on the On-X that the company has on its website and it was not very convincing in as much as the study they quote to suggest that lower INR is OK was very limited. I am not sure what would make their device require less anti coagulation since I believe it is made...
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    A tale of Endocarditas and valve replacement.

    It is extremely hard to sterilize the human body. A study showed that even after betadine was applied to the surface of the human eye bacteria could still be cultured. Clearly there was an enormous reduction in the number of bacteria but they were not completely eliminated. Mouth wash does...
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    How long till your back to normal?

    Being a physician maybe allows me to be more cavalier about recommendations about rehab. I think the primary worry is damage to the sternum. So activities like bike riding probably should be curtailed for perhaps 3 months in case you fall off the bike. Otherwise whatever is comfortable should be...
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    Bad Fatigue

    What you are asking is could there be something else causing your fatigue. The answer is yes. There is a long list of things . So see your primary doctor and have them check you out. I could list a bunch of things but it would be better to be checked out properly.
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    Could someone please read my ecg

    You are in normal sinus rhythm with ectopic single beats probably premature ventricular contractions. These are relatively common especially if they occur by just single beats. If you start stringing them together then they are more serious. If this is new and not seen previously it may have...
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    Need INR at 1.8. Reducing Warfarin question..

    I don't think anyone knows exactly what the risks of a few days of lowish INR are for stroke or valve thrombosis. They seem to be very low however. If you are worried you can take Lovenox (low molecular weight heparin) the day or so prior to the procedure while the INR is low and for a day or...
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    Good luck with the echo.
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    A heart murmur is caused by non laminar flow of blood through an opening such as a heart valve. With normal human valves there generally is little turbulence and not much sound or murmur. Sometimes there is some sound even in normals and that is dubbed a physiological murmur. With an...
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    Rick erb

    As far as I am aware dual chamber pacing is not more risky than single (right) chamber pacing. I am paced 100% with 3rd degree block. If someone is paced due to an irregularly slow heart rate and the degree of pacing is say 20-30% then dual pacing may not be a significant issue. There has...
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    Rick erb

    I developed 3rd degree heart block after my 3rd open heart. The last being for a large aortic aneurysm. A pacer was placed with a single right ventricular lead. Over several years my ejection fraction started a gradual slow decline to around 45% when it had been around 55%. I did some research...
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    No date as yet

    Way back in the day in 1977 I was scheduled for a aortic valve repair in January of 1978. I was in medical training myself and in Sept of 77 it was deemed necessary for repair to be done before my heart had irreversible damage. I had a high gradient and my EKG showed changes for the first time...
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    Vision Disturbances and Migraines

    Given that people are put on bypass machines, have surgical manipulation, have air in their systems (hopefully purged) have the potential for clot formation and emboli and in the case of aortic aneurysm surgery have their brains cooled to 60 degrees Fahrenheit it would actually be a surprise if...
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    Cardiac Catharsis...sigh

    I am a bit confused. You implied you are edging towards congestive heart failure. From your symptoms especially your pedal edema you are in congestive failure. Your hypertension is horrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have significant kidney impairment also. You mention you are anemic also...
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    Cardiac Catharsis...sigh

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    MItral Valve Repair

    Mitral insufficiency is a peculiar problem. Often on echocardiography there may show significant leakage but clinically and on echo other parameters such as ventricular size may remain fairly stable for years. But when there are signs of deterioration then things to repair the problem should be...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    I was not aware of evidence that Aspirin augments the effects of Warfarin in reducing emboli/thrombotic events after artificial valve surgery. The reference noted by afraidofsurgery