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    Bisoprolol. Any fellow takers/sufferers ?

    I started taking both Bisoprolol and Amiodarone about three weeks ago when I was in the hospital for an ICD implant and my heart rate went wonky at over 130. I was also on an Amiodarone IV drip for 24 hours to try to control the heart rate (didn't do much) and then the doctor did a...
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    St Jude Valves

    I have a St. Jude's mitral valve since March 2018 and no issues either.
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    Palpitations / Irregular Valve clicking?

    PVCs are so annoying. I used to get them all the time prior to valve surgery, but afterwards not so much. Now even after the ICD implant two weeks ago, I still occasionally feel them. I'm on beta blockers now and I think it's helped reduce the incidence.
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    Thanks. Starting to feel better now. Went to the gym on Wednesday and was happy to find I could do most of my workout with no problems. So far so good!
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    Home and feeling better. Spent longer in the hospital than intended (four days as opposed to two days) due to a high heart rate issue. Had an amiodarone IV drip for 24 hours, an adenosine IV push twice and finally a cardio version that ultimately put my heart rate in the normal range (something...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    So now I’m STILL at the hospital. The plan to discharge late yesterday (I was so close to escaping, lol) when the nurse noticed my heart rate in the 130s and it wasn’t budging for hours! Another med switch (added two) and I’m still racing around 120 - 130. Dr can’t promise I will even go home...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    Ok, so I’m here in the hospital today. Had the ICD implant done, but only one lead - it took six hours and two top surgeons (three in total) to TRY to get the second lead in (the one to resynchronize my heart rhythm), but my anatomy is “unique” along with a lot of scar tissue from my MVR surgery...
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    I’m in the hospital now. Had the ICD implanted this morning - a 3 hour surgery that turned into a 6 hour surgery. Apparently I have “unique” anatomy and they were unable to place the second lead, the one that will “resynchronize” my heart and get me out of CHF. So I only have the defibrillator...
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    I had congestive heart failure a year and a half prior to my valve replacement. It was well controlled with Lasix and BP meds up until December 2017 when all the symptoms came back (swelling, shortness of breath, etc). Turns out the mitral valve regurgitation I was diagnosed with back in 2015...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. I am scheduled to have an ICD (which I understand is a pacemaker/Defibrillator) installed on June 20. A month after that I will have a catheter ablation to “zap” my heart’s faulty electrical system. Now I’m more concerned about the Defibrillator...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    Thank you for the responses. I feel better knowing that it's something that can be corrected and not at all that unusual.
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    I had mitral valve replacement (mechanical valve) last year in March. Now it is looking like I will be needing a pacemaker for my aFib/high heart rate in the next couple of months. I had the aFib prior to needing the heart valve replacement, but never this bad. Since the surgery, (exactly a...
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    Love the new look

    Same here. Love the new look and faster board. So glad to have found this place!
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    Mechanical Valve - clicking

    I can hear mine all the time, but especially when I go to sleep at night. I've had mine a little over a year and I've mostly gotten used to it.
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    When did you start to feel good again?

    I'm still waiting....all kidding aside, my surgery was March 29, so I'm approaching the two month mark and I really started to feel like myself around 6-7 weeks. Of course as soon as I hit 6 weeks, I jumped in feet first and resumed all my regular activities with gusto, probably did way too...
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    Lovenox Shots While Figuring out ideal Coumadin dose

    I'm finally off the Lovenox as of the end of last week when my INR was at 3.2. Now the Coumadin clinic has me taking a higher dosage pill (5 mg) and wanted me to take 2 and a half pills (12.5 mg). I did this starting this past Monday and it pushed my INR up to 4.2! Too high! Had me lower the...
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    Lovenox Shots While Figuring out ideal Coumadin dose

    Has anyone else gone through this? I had a St Jude's Mitral Valve put in three weeks ago and since then I have been working closely with the Coumadin clinic to get my coumadin doses up to par. During this period, they also have me taking Lovenox injections for "extra protection". Currently I am...
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    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    You folks are so brave! I just had a mechanical valve (St. Jude's) put in (mitral valve replacement) three weeks ago and there is no way I want to go through that surgery again. It was brutal.
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    Newbie here. Just got out of the hospital today

    Hi, newbie here. Just got home from the hospital today (MVR was done 3/29/18) and boy I can say I didn't expect to be this wiped out!! I know it takes time, and it will get better, but having little help around the house is taking it's toll on me. Words or encouragement are all appreciated, lol. ,