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  1. spartangator

    I will be 14 on Sunday!

    Love it. Happy valversary
  2. spartangator

    14yrs and still playing basketball @ 49

    Indeed, @normofthenorth, keep it up
  3. spartangator

    Ferritin Levels Low

    Indeed, it's mad how much education is required just to be the patient! Glad you're being well minded, @Seaton. All the best with the upcoming procedure.
  4. spartangator

    Tissue Regrets??

    Just want to reiterate Tom in MO's sentiment: 'You chose life and that's what's important.' As everyone has said, we're all doing the best we can. All the support here speaks to the wonderful community you have on your side, and we'll all keep looking forward as much as possible, despite the...
  5. spartangator

    Chest pain AFTER exercise?

    I don't have any suggestions, but I'm glad your doctors are not overly concerned (if I'm interpreting your note correctly) and hope some helpful answers arrive soon.
  6. spartangator

    The Future of

    Just want to echo the appreciation for the support and the snappy performance. Great to have you here, @Angie, and glad your father is doing well.
  7. spartangator

    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Heaps of gratitude, Hank. I, for one, would've been so lost without the world you created here. All the best. Thanks for giving us a home.
  8. spartangator

    23 Years and Ticking AVR

    flex131 Great stuff. Keep up the check-ins and exciting activity!
  9. spartangator

    Operation #2

    As you can see mick1807 , there's loads of support and thoughtful information here so you're not going it alone, in any case. All the best.
  10. spartangator

    Strenuous exercise after Bentall

    Getting consistent, evidence-based advice seems to be hard to come by, per the conversations around here over the years. The breath-holding recommendation is the only (and clearly logical) suggestion I've seen come up over and over. matty Obviously, take the advice of your care providers...
  11. spartangator

    Update on Becky & Her Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery.

    I don't have any input on what could be happening, but I do want to send some admiration and affection for all you're doing amidst very difficult circumstances. I'm sorry you're dealing with all this and that your mother was treated so poorly. I hope others will come along with more useful...
  12. spartangator

    New Milestone

    Well done getting off to a strong start!
  13. spartangator

    New Milestone

    Well done! You continue to be an inspiration to all of us.
  14. spartangator

    7 years

    Congratulations on the seven years, and here's to many more.
  15. spartangator

    25 years with this valve

    Congratulations on the 25 years and wishes for many more. I hope some answers for the current challenges arrive soon.
  16. spartangator

    Joeys second OHS after 17 years

    We'll be thinking of you all these next few weeks and sending good thoughts.
  17. spartangator

    Ten Years Ago Today Emergency OHS

    Yes, thank you for the update. We hope whatever support you sought out continues and that 2019 will be better still for you.
  18. spartangator

    Retun to roots

    Wow, what a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. It's very motivating.
  19. spartangator

    Good news yesterday !!

    Great to hear. Thanks for sharing.
  20. spartangator

    11 years whizzed by

    Somehow it feels like yesterday and forever ago since my Ross procedure in fall 2007. Thank you to so many who have been supportive to me and others around here. You make such a difference every day, and I look forward to expressing that gratitude many years into the future.