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  1. johnnycake23

    Lucky 13 for Bovine Valve

    Greetings, today marks the 13th anniversary of my tissue valve. Many thanks to the good folks at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for having the valve last this long. And props to the cow for his or her durability. As of last check up, it's still holding up strong --"everything sounds good." Go...
  2. johnnycake23

    27-Year Anniversary of First AV Repair

    It was on this date in 1993 that I had my bicuspid aortic valve repaired at the Cleveland Clinic. I remember being a scared twenty-something and, looking back, terribly naive -- my biggest concern was if there would be a noticeable scar! Ahh, to be that young and carefree again. (I would go on...
  3. johnnycake23

    12 Years Today

    Fellow Valvers, Today marks 12 years since I had my second OHS for my bovine aortic valve replacement. Big thanks to the team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who got me this far. As of last check up the valve was holding up just fine. I go in next month for my annual echo hoping there's no...
  4. johnnycake23

    Skipped Beats Gone, Replaced with Hard Beats

    Hi all, For the last few months I’ve been feeling skipped heartbeats. When I was in my electrophysiologist’s office, naturally they weren’t happening then, so the EKG was negative. I then saw my cardiologist who said it’s not the bovine aortic valve—“the valve sounds fine.” (It’ll be 12 years...
  5. johnnycake23

    Meditation Recommendations

    Greetings, I occasionally get palpitations (like the ones I'm having as I type this) and I want to try meditating to help alleviate the irregular heartbeat. I was wondering if anyone out there has a good recommendation for a specific technique to help with this issue. I've dabbled in meditation...
  6. johnnycake23

    Tissue Regrets??

    Hello again. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I read quite often. Something I read here recently is what’s inspiring me to write now. It’s about TAVR. You see, I had my first BAV repair in 1993 at the age of 27, which lasted until 2007 when I had it replaced with a CE bovine valve. At...
  7. johnnycake23

    11 Years AVR Anniversary

    Hey all, just thought I'd share with my brothers and sisters in the AVR Club that today marks my 11th anniversary of my bovine aortic valve from Northwestern Memorial Hospital (and 25 years since my first AV repair at the Cleveland Clinic). Thanksgiving week has never been the same for me. I am...
  8. johnnycake23

    Vitamin K2 MK7

    Hi there. Recently a family doctor, that is, a doctor in my family told me about the virtues of vitamin K2, MK7. He said this vitamin has many benefits for people with artificial valves, in my case bovine, by blocking calcium build-up around the foreign valve. I have not run this past my cardio...
  9. johnnycake23

    Wall Street Journal--Clot Risk Is Seen in Some Heart Valves

    I just saw this yesterday. If this article was already posted somewhere else, please disregard. Unfortunately, I think now you have to log in with WSJ to see entire article. Maybe someone knows a workaround. Thanks. http://www.wsj.com/articles/clot-risk-is-seen-in-some-heart-valves-1444097915
  10. johnnycake23

    Diuretic Hhydrochlorothiazide

    Hey there, just wanted to run something past you all. I saw cardio last week and he said bp was too high (consistently with lower number over 100) and it had not gone down since last visit. So he prescribed me this diuretic to rid me of some excess body salt. Just wanted to see how others out...
  11. johnnycake23

    Lucky 7

    Hello all, just wanted to announce that today marks my 7th year with my new bovine aortic valve. Here's a quick update following latest cardio checkups. Valve sounds good, and arrhythmia (maybe related to valve, maybe not) is in check thanks to meds. So I got a new 6-month lease on life, which...
  12. johnnycake23

    Return of the Skipped Beats

    Hello all, I’ve been reading through the forum about PVCs and a-fib, because I am currently having an issue. I first got these skipped beats—heart stops for a second, then starts again with a thud—almost four years ago. Went to my electrophysiologist who put me on Tambocor twice a day. Up until...
  13. johnnycake23

    Alive after Five

    Hey there, just want to share that today marks my 5-year anniversary of my second OHS when my bicuspid aortic valve was replaced at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Thanksgiving has never been the same. You know how you make associations? Well, Thanksgiving week does that for me. The last echo...
  14. johnnycake23


    Hello, This is a follow up to a post I submitted almost two years ago. As a quick review, I was having a lot of skipped heart beats, which was very unsettling. To combat these, my cardio put me on Tambocor, first 50 mg then 100 mg, twice a day. Here are the results. For the last year my...
  15. johnnycake23

    Number Four (4)

    Yep, it's been four years since Northwestern Memorial Hospital gave me my new lease on life with a bovine valve to replace my stenotic, already-repaired-once valve. The Monday of Thanksgiving week will forever remind me and my wife of it. So, given that Thanksgiving week is also my valve...
  16. johnnycake23

    Chicago Reunion

    Hey gang, I have not seen any news recently about a gathering in Chicago. I hope I'm not out of line to inquire here if anyone would like to have a reunion in the Windy City. Maybe it's because the Holidays are coming up and it makes me sentimental. The last thread I saw on this subject was a...
  17. johnnycake23

    Article About Valve Replacement

    Hello all, I just read this. If it has been posted already, please disregard. But of course I want to share it with my online community. Best to all. http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/la-heb-sapien-heart-valve-20110719,0,5102667.story
  18. johnnycake23

    Skiing Post AVR

    Hello all, just wanted to let you all know that I went skiing last weekend...without incident. I was so worried before going, as I have not skiied since before my AVR 3 1/2 years ago. This is one of my pleasures in life that I was worried I would not ever again enjoy. But Vail Mountain welcomed...
  19. johnnycake23

    Scar Tissue Removal

    Hello all, I wanted to run something past you. Since my surgery in ’07 I have had a collection of scar tissue at the bottom of my incision. It’s not quite the size of a golf ball, but it’s certainly noticeable. In fact, I can’t wear shirts that are too tight since it makes a dent in it. When I...
  20. johnnycake23

    Irregular Heartbeat

    Hello all, I've read with great interest the various posts regarding irregular heartbeats, skipped beats, a-fib, PVCs, etc. and the various descriptions and explanations (thank you, Mr. Capshaw). I'd like to share and ask feedback for my current situation. I've had a fast pulse for many...