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  1. Jmprosser.lab

    Ross / Multiple Mechanical Valves

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if it’s common to get multiple mechanical valves? Does that change life expectancy or make you more at risk in regards to blood thinners? my cardio only ever discusses my BAV regurgitation which is mild to moderate. But reading my test I saw it says “trace mild...
  2. Jmprosser.lab

    Heart Rate / Pacemaker

    Hey everyone, How common is low HR in this forum? I’m resting of 47-55. Assume lower during sleep. That’s not a predictor of needing a pacemaker is it?? My Cardio says not at all. I have no symptoms or issues with energy and it rises properly with exercise. I run a good amount but not a ton.
  3. Jmprosser.lab

    Regurgitation Age of Surgery

    Just curious what age those with BAV Regurgitation(AI) required surgery? thanks!
  4. Jmprosser.lab

    Foldax Continues

    Foldax continues to have encouraging advancements in multiple trials, gain FDA approval, and large funding. They spoke about the very high potential of this valve in a recent Cleveland Clinic Q&A. Still a ways to go, but the first human patient for the Aortic Valve is apparently doing well. Will...
  5. Jmprosser.lab

    Ross Procedure

    Anyone know if the Ross Procedure can be done on BAV with AI/Regurgitation? I know it deff can with Stenosis. Just curious
  6. Jmprosser.lab

    Mechanical Valve Stroke Risk

    Hi everyone, Coming to you now to help a friend struggling with panic attacks around stroke risk and mechanical valves. Since my surgery is still potentially ways away, I haven’t looked deeply into that research. Can you share any encouraging info or data regarding stroke prevention, blood...
  7. Jmprosser.lab

    Regurgitation vs Stenosis

    Recently had someone say to me: “Oh you have regurgitation and not stenosis, lucky you.” First i had ever heard of those two being compared. Does anyone have any info or literature to share discussing the difference? Is one really less severe than the other??
  8. Jmprosser.lab

    Life Expectancy BAV Mechanical vs Tissue

    Hey everyone, hoping some can shed some light/positivity for a coworker of mind very discouraged by a new large Swedish study suggesting life expectancy post BAV replacement is significantly lower for younger patients. Can anyone provide some facts or info from their cardios/research. The link...
  9. Jmprosser.lab

    Aortic Aneurysms

    Hi everyone, Quick question. I have mild to mod BAV which has been stable for many years. I also have a upper normal aortic root (3.6 to 3.8 depending on the year/test), and upper normal mid ascending aorta(3.7 to 3.9 depending on year/test). None of them have grown since they were found years...
  10. Jmprosser.lab

    FDA Clears Edwards Konect Resilia Aortic Valved Conduit For Complex Aortic Valve Surgeries

    https://www.dicardiology.com/content/fda-clears-edwards-konect-resilia-aortic-valved-conduit-complex-aortic-valve-surgeries has anyone read the above or talked to their cardio about it? Seems like a pretty big announcement/advancement, no? wonder if anyone more knowledgeable about this...
  11. Jmprosser.lab

    Tissue Vs Mechanical

    I have my yearly cardio today! Always a creepy, scary day for me. I’m only at the moderate stage(have been here for 4 years) with a 4.0 ascending aorta, but my cardios at Cleveland Clinic and UCLA have always said it could be surgery time in 3years or 10 or 25. Hard to predict. Was wondering...
  12. Jmprosser.lab

    BAV—Rate of Progression

    Hi everyone— Was wondering if you knew how un-likely it is for a leaking BAV to progress from moderate to severe in 1 Year? I’ve been moderate since 16 and am now 29, but was just curious. My cardio said it’s VERY unlikely.
  13. Jmprosser.lab

    Moderate Regurg, BAV

    Hi everyone, Was recently told by my cardio that at age 28 I have moderate regurg. A different cardio at another place said I was mild to moderate. Was as wondering if anyone knows anys articles showing average age bav requires replacement? My cardio said most likely between 40s-60s? He said...
  14. Jmprosser.lab

    Mechanical Valve/ Blood Thinners

    was wondering if some of you mech valve folks could share some general info about mechanical valves and being on blood thinners. Couple questions to start: - what are the chances of a stroke or blood clot? Even on blood thinners is it likely? - What are your experiences with excercise? Do you...
  15. Jmprosser.lab

    Excercise and post-surgery recovery

    Hey everyone! Wondered if some one of you who have already had surgery wouldn’t mind sharing what your recovery was like. How long until you could excercise? How long till you felt “normal”? How were the first few weeks? Also, what has excercising been like post op? What restrictions did you...
  16. Jmprosser.lab

    BAV, AA and New Blood Pressure Guidelines

    Hell all!! I come for advice and wisdom as I have many time before!! Many of my friends in this forum have already provided me with knowledge and comfort. I am 27 with Bav(mild to mod regurgitaion, 4.0 and 3.6 dialated aorta). Recently have been having trouble controlling my blood pressure...
  17. Jmprosser.lab

    Aortic Aneurysm: prognosis, excercise and surgery

    Hello all!! I have relied on this forum many times before and return once again for some advice/guidance. My new job has given me access to high end health insurance so I’m about to get a new pcp, cardiologist, etc. and I just want to make sure I make the best decision considering my...
  18. Jmprosser.lab

    Help understanding CT Scan Results

    Hello all! Recently had my CT scan results sent to me and I was hoping I could get some help understanding it. Previously, an echo showed my aortic root was measured at 3.6(at the high end of normal/not yet considered an aneurism.) After the CT scan, My Cardio met with me and seemed not...
  19. Jmprosser.lab

    Fear, Pro Athletes W/BAV /Exercise, CT Scans, Blood Pressure Meds and Heart Rate

    Hello all!! I come to the community again for some re-assurance as I adjust to new meds and wait on results of a CT scan. As a reminder: 27 with BAV (Stage 2 Regurgitation, mild to mod) Aortic Root 3.6 (enlarged not anuyerism) Slightly high blood pressure Occasional Sinus...
  20. Jmprosser.lab

    New member!! Sinus Arrythmias in patients with BAV

    Hello all! This is my second post to this amazing forum. I am 27 year old male with BAV(mild to moderate regurgitation), a 3.6 dialated root and sinus arrythmias(we think)... I joined this community after months of anxiety and panic attacks controlling my life! It happened at a bad time(just...