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  1. neil

    The old members

    Just looking through the old posts and we have lost so so many of our old members, they have drifted off for whatever reasons so many who am sure some of you remember, this forum for whatever reason is not as busy as it used to be and that's a shame, hopefully we will get new members joining
  2. neil


    Just wondering how many of you have this LBBB ?
  3. neil

    Porky pig is still honking away

    Just been for my 8 year echo and my porky pig valve is honking away as good as ever, so extra choc for me tonight, but no bacon
  4. neil

    ryder cup

    just wanted to say what a great match and well done to both teams, roll on 2 years and scotland :thumbup:
  5. neil

    porky pig valve after 4 years

    hi everbody,just had my 2nd echo since my op in 2008, been having a few problems with those pesky pacs,anyway they decided to give me sum tests and i was a bit worried it might be my valve playing up :( .Good news my valves absol fine yipeeeeeeeeeee:D i am to have a heart monitor fitted in the...
  6. neil

    question for british valvers

    hi was just wondering anybody who has had a new valve either mech or tissue can tell me how often they see there cardio? and if you have yearly echos etc, thanks for your help
  7. neil

    just wanted to say to everbody

  8. neil

    my little porky pig 3rd birthday

    well its been 3 years on the 7th feb that i got my little porky pig friend,ok so i cant eat bacon sandwiches and pork scratchings but hey i just couldnt:biggrin2:, thanks to our wonderfull cardio and surgical people we have,i have seen my 2 grandchildren born and hopefully another this month...
  9. neil

    chicken pox

    hiya everbody ,my grand daughter has just got chicken pox,i was planning on visiting her sunday,i have a tissue valve,does anybody know any reason why i cant visit? ....thanks:thumbup:
  10. neil

    pics of my loverly grandchildren

    my 2 grandchildren, jake and kayla,taken last week at local fair
  11. neil

    ok heres my scar

    looks like some of you folks wanna see my scar? well here it is,guess you must like looking at my gruesome pics :cool:
  12. neil

    last one

    my car all sparkling in the sun.............oh for goodness sake its just a car............:p
  13. neil

    my loverly wife

    who paid me to say that ha ha.........
  14. neil

    another pic

    posing with my car :o
  15. neil

    my holiday pics

    hiya everbody well back from my hols in the south of france,:) drove from england so long journey but my trusty stead my love of my live my jag got me there lol,ok its not,its my wife really ,i have to say that as if she reads this well,anyway had a great time and heres a few pics although i can...
  16. neil

    off on holiday...yippeeeee

    just to let you all know am off on my hols tomorrow to cornwall england,while am gone you all behave yourselfs,be in bed for ten if not come home lol,see you guys soon,right wheres the sun tan lotion:)
  17. neil

    robin williams any update?

    just wondered if anybody heard anything about him?
  18. neil

    yippeeeeeeeee my first anniv for my valve

    hiya everbody well today is the 1st anniv of my new valve,apart from the first few weeks when i had one or two hiccups its been pretty good,i feel really well and full of life,i go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and go swimming 2 times a week,ok i dont go mad when am there but i tick along...
  19. neil


    hiya all,i had my avr op 7 month ago,i had 2 go the op table twice as i had a bleed,then got chest infec ,i had a tissue valve fitted then 2 weeks later went into af, anyways there put me on aniodorone think thats how its spelt lol,was on it for 2 month ,and my af went :), am feelin great at the...