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    Valve size and progression

    I know that there are other details and measurements to take into account, but who else has had a valve size of around 0.85 cm and was still not operated on for a couple of years; oviously dependant on other figures and symptoms.
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    An introduction

    Hi Im from England but my second home is in Stowe Vermont where I have a property that I try to get to when I can. Two years ago it was found I had a faulty valve at the age of 59, nearly 60. I thought I should get a couple of things sorted before I reached 60 and what I wasnt expecting was...
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    Tricuspid Valve with no Calcification

    My story is that 2 years ago I was referred immediately to a surgeon because an echocardiogram showed my valve size to be critical. I saw the surgeon and he wasn't convinced so ran another lot of tests which showed me being moderate severe with a valve size of 1.1cm. He wanted to be sure so I...