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  1. Blanche

    A salute to veterans

    Dear people: THis is from my Southwest Valley Living paper in Arizona. Retired master chief petty officer, Art Sloan, artgbeard@aol.com, or seblogs.at central.com.) wrote a vern important piece for those who might need this special service. "THIS AND THAT" "Any woman now undergoing...
  2. Blanche

    When the push comes to shove...

    Update on my cancer surgery is a bit iffey. I am scheduled for surgery at the Mayo Clinic on May 20, 2010. Between now and then, I have to undergo a whole bunch of tests. The first tests begin this week on April 21. Then, later on, there are procedures to prepare for the...
  3. Blanche

    Up jumped the devil

    Dang it, I just found that I have breast cancer. Really made me mad. They have been prodding and poking me for almost a year...with no concerns. Now, they say that I have breast cancer on the left side. I must tell you all that the cat (pookie) and I have been snuggled up together and we...
  4. Blanche

    Takes a licking but keeps on ticking

    Albert will celebrate his valve's anniversary on October 18. Happy birthday to your valve, darlin. Blanche
  5. Blanche

    How do I do this?

    I have a problem that needs attention. The radiologist says that he can help me with a stereotactic biopsy. Sounds good to me, But.........he wants me to get my INR down to zero...zero zero zero zero................. As my grandmon would say, holy cripes...lord love a duck.
  6. Blanche

    Three Cheers For Women Around The World!!!!

    Today is International Womens' Day around the globe. The first recognition of this day was in 1909. For more information, see this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Women's_Day Blanche
  7. Blanche

    National Wear Red Day is tomorrow, February 6, 2009

    From an American Heart Association email.... "Tomorrow, February 6 is national Wear Red Day. It's the day to wear your favorite red clothes or accessory--a red blouse, a red dress pin, a fabulous red handbag--put on red lipstick, or sport a red tie and red socks...Go red in your own fashion to...
  8. Blanche

    Happy Days and Times for Celebrations

    This time of the year has many special holidays for us all to relish and celebrate. I would like to extend our best wishes to everyone here who celebrates this wonderful time of the year. For those who celebrate Chanukah (Hanukah), which started today at sunset, I wish you the happiest days...
  9. Blanche

    Happy Birthday Trinityheart8891 (22)

    Happy Birthday, Morgan. Hope your day is filled with friends, fun, Cake and all the good things you so well deserve. Kind regards, Blanche
  10. Blanche

    Just one dang thing after another

    I'm afraid to sleep for fear I will have nightmares. I'm afraid to wake up for fear my nightmares are real...and most are. I've had so many dreams about losing my teeth and eating them! Two nights ago, one of my many capped teeth broke off. First, I thought I had swallowed it, and went...
  11. Blanche

    Need help! INR higher than 9.0

    Sure could use help with this one. Hope and pray that Al lodwick sees this soon. Al has been having some problems with the runs since Monday. On Wednesday, he could not urnate. Thursday AM I took him to the uruologist who catheritized him and he now has a urine bag. He still has some blood...
  12. Blanche

    Where in the world is Cooker?

    I just saw a report on the news that a chimp is missing in the California forest. Could this be our loveable chimp? It seems that a couple in West Covina, California have had this chimp for more than 3 decades. The chimp can eat with a kinife and fork, and he was the best man at the owners'...
  13. Blanche

    Happy birthday

    Christian: Hope you have a happy, happy birthday and a wonderful year until your next birthday comes around. I have enjoyed hearing about the heroic steps you and your wife took to get the two young'uns that share your life. Now that they are here and safe, it is nice to have special days...
  14. Blanche

    Go Red for Women Day

    The American Heart Association is once again sponsoring Go Red For Women Day. So, please dust off your red dress pins from past years and drag out your red clothes. The 2008 Go Red For women Day is February 1, 2008. Everyone, men, women, and children are encouraged to participate. Heart...
  15. Blanche

    Happy, happy, birthday Peggy

    Dear Peggy in Alaska: Hope your birthday has been a splendid one, filled with cake cookies, ice-cream and all sorts of goodies. Regareds, Blanche
  16. Blanche

    Read This! It"s Cool!

    Hello all, especially new folks who are near surgery. Have you heard of the Order of the Tawdry Shirts? If you are near surgery, you might consider getting one of the roaming tawdry shirts to pose in after your surgery....seems kinds of kookey...and it is. It is a great kind of kookey...
  17. Blanche

    Birthday greetings, Sue 943

    Sue: Hope you have a very happy birthday, filled with sunshine, joy, and love. May you receive and give gifts of lasting joy. Hope you have a special, special day. Blanche
  18. Blanche

    Happy Birth Day, KimC

    Happy, happy birthday Kim. Hope your day is splendid and that you are enjoying your special day. Kind regards, Blanche
  19. Blanche

    Sunshine Susan, Lynn, Avashlom,

    Hoping your special day was filled with good people, happy times, nice presents, good health, and blessings galore. Happy birthday and many more to all three of you. Regards, Blanche
  20. Blanche

    A BIG black eye and some scrapes

    Hello all: Wondering if anyone has some insight into what to do when one falls and injures themself when on Coumadin. Al decided to deal with the recycles tonight after dark and slipped on the curb and fell. His knees are bruised and bleeding some. His arm got a scrape. But, the worst is...