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    Forgot to take my Warfarin

    I done it again. I forgot to take my warfarin(6.5mg)Saturday.:mad2: I call the doctor's office this morning and she said take another 2mg tonight and tomorrow morning.:confused: Does this make sense ?
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    Go Pats !!!

    The party is at my house. I am inviting the cheerleaders......:thumbup:
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    Boston Heart Walk 9/10/2011

    I had AVR in 2009 and my older daughter was born with a VSD. Me and my daughter will be putting our walking shoes and doing the Boston Heart Walk. Hope to see ya tomorrow. :)
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    Happy July 4 !

    Wish everyone here a Safe & Happy 4 of July.................:)
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    I CAN"T remember..........

    I am not a drinker but yesterday was different. I had a couple of kegs of beer yesterday at a graduation party.:biggrin2: I woke up this morning still fully clothed ;) but can't remember if I took my coumadin last night. I am currently taking 6mg. Should I increase my dosage tonight and test...
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    Bruins vs Cancucks

    Tonight's the night, go BRUINS!........... Come on down to MY PARTY! Greg bring a keg of molson beer, Throwndower, bring some munchies and last but least, Bina make sure you bring your toys collectibles.:biggrin2::biggrin2:
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    Heart Trouble? 30 Herbal Remedies to Avoid

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    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Canada Thanksgiving is over, but wishing our Canadian friends a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.:D I am truly grateful for my health & will not ever take it for granted! Happy Thanksgiving. ...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bina...........

    Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Bina........... Happy Birthday to You. So happy birthday to you. Have lots of birthday fun! May your birthday wishes all come true
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    The site was down all day yesterday

    I went CRAZY yesterday when the websites was down for most of the day yesterday. I am back to normal today. Glad it's up and running. :):)
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    Heart drugs + supplements =risky

    Very interesting articles in CNN today. http://pagingdrgupta.blogs.cnn.com/2010/11/15/heart-drugs-and-supplements-a-risky-mix/?hpt=Sbin
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    Happy Birthday to all of you !!!!

    I don't know if anyone still even checks this anymore ? Birthday Calendar ? Is there a designated person in charge ? Do we still celebrate birthdays here anymore ? Just sad to see forgotten birthdays. :(:(
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    Boo! Boo!

    Halloween is just around the corner and fall season already started. What are you all doing ? Anything fun ? Or are we just sitting on the couch watching TV, eating a fatty meal and snoring.:biggrin2:
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    Flu/Pneumonia shot

    I went to my PCP last week for a yearly checkup. My PCP gave me the flu/pneumonia shot. He says normally I give the pneumonia shot just for elderly but in my case anyone with heart problem should take them. So the tech jab my arm with both shot. I am just curious if you took your pneumonia shot...
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    Cardiologist 1 year appointment

    My one year appointment with my cardiologist is coming up soon she never mention about doing an echo. Am I supposed to get an echo done every year? My last echo was last year October 2009. Should I request an echo done? What type of question should I be asking her during my visit and what will...
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    Ross you are the MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26,179 posts what the hell happened ? :mad: :mad:
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    Public Calendar

    Anybody here knows why I am not able to see the public calendar ? It will only work if i log out. :confused2:
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    Working overtime may harm the heart

    http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/05/11/overtime.heart.work/index.html The next time your boss tells you to work overtime stick this in his face.
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    Can someone with aortic stenosis still travel by air?

    Interesting article in CNN today. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/expert.q.a/04/28/aortic.stenosis.flying.brawley/index.html