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  1. TXGal

    911 call for SVT.. facing ablation or back on Toprol

    oh, and they believe what I had was "Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome"
  2. TXGal

    911 call for SVT.. facing ablation or back on Toprol

    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for a few months.. It's been a whirl wind with the birth of my twin girls.. they were born June 8th, so Braxton is a proud big brother! I had an episode yesterday I thought I would share and hopefully get some advice as to what to do... I was in my car...
  3. TXGal

    Newbie - infant with bicuspid aortic valve

    We made sure to have an echo a month after Braxton was born, since I was concerned since I have a mitral valve replacement.. and they found he has a BAV. He has an echo once a year, but so far they say he's going fine, he's 4 yrs old now. I have 2 month old twin girls (all 3 of my kids were born...
  4. TXGal

    To the young heart surgery patients

    My first surgery was at 17 and I had 2 at age 20.. I had comments back in those days, but now when I go in for check-ups it's always the same nurses & cardiologist, so I've never had any comments about my age in recent years.. but I do still notice a difference in the waiting room.. I'm 33 now...
  5. TXGal

    32 with Osteoporosis

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice & suggestions.. I plan on looking into each & every one of them. Another reason I love this board.. I can always depend on all of you when I'm down and feel like I have a mountain to climb.. thank you!!! :biggrin2:
  6. TXGal

    Flu Shots after AVR

    Each year I give the flu shot another chance.. last year I even waited until I knew I had a 3 day weekend, just in case I got the horrible side effects again.. sure enough, for the 3rd year in a row I was sick in bed for days with flu like symptoms due to the shot.. I give up, I'm not getting...
  7. TXGal

    Bi leaflet valves/ pradaxa/ managing INR

    My cardiologist brought this up at my yearly consult/echo appointment a couple of months ago.. he said that it has not yet been tested in the US I believe.. One of the biggest disappointments for me with Coumadin when I was diagnosed was that it crosses the placental barrier. So pregnancy and...
  8. TXGal

    32 with Osteoporosis

    Jkm7 - thanks for the suggestions.. i'll look into those :) MS2 - actually I'm starting to think he didn't give me the name of the injections.. first he pulled out some information on Fosamax and Forteo and reviewed with me the interactions with coumadin/lanoxin.. then I believe he started...
  9. TXGal

    32 with Osteoporosis

    Hi Mark, It's interesting you brought up Pradaxa.. my cardiologist mentioned it a couple of months ago.. that would be wonderful if an anticoagulant would be approved that didn't affect vitamin k levels.. we can only pray something better will come along! Yes, after my results you can bet I'm...
  10. TXGal

    32 with Osteoporosis

    So as many of you may know, long term use of anticoagulants such as Coumadin/Warfarin can lead to osteoporosis. I broke my wrist a couple of years ago at home in my living room and asked my physician to run a bone density exam to see if Coumadin has effected my bone density.. the results were...
  11. TXGal

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    I would love to be able to weekly test.. I would feel so much better.. Today I was a 2.1 and they adjusted one day of my coumadin and said see you back in a month.. I am just not happy with this, and while I'm trying to figure out finances with purchasing a machine since INS will pay for it, but...
  12. TXGal

    Question about Other surgery and going off blood thinners

    I am so sorry I just saw this.. My RE kept in touch with my cardiologist before the procedure and made a plan.. Yes, after my procedure I stayed on Lovenox injections until I was in range with my Coumadin. Best of luck to you!
  13. TXGal

    My very own XS...

    I feel like I'm on the high side too at 70mg/week.. Congrats on your own home machine!! I'm working on getting myself one too!
  14. TXGal

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    Marsha, yes I'd love to see the algorithm chart that you use.. I'll PM you my email address. Protimenow, thanks for the tips.. yes, I'd like to regulate myself at home and not depend on the PT clinic solely. Bina, I don't know what my INR is. I can only assume it's gone up since Friday. My PT...
  15. TXGal

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    Thanks Marsha & Protimenow.. I'm not sure what her title is, but after talking to her in person, I'm not impressed with her at all. I plan on informing my cardiologist.. she may be fooling some people, but I have felt for quite sometime now that she doesn't know what she's doing. Sorry Marsha I...
  16. TXGal

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    Wow, thank you all for your suggestions! I'm going to go over these with my husband and decide which avenue we want to try first! I definitely need one here at home.. as I'm getting frustrated with my PT Clinic. I never had a problem being regulated until I moved to my current location, now my...
  17. TXGal

    Question about Other surgery and going off blood thinners

    I went off Coumadin for my egg retrieval in 2007 and was bridged on Lovenox. Had no problem.. best of luck
  18. TXGal

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    Ok, so I'm finally going to try my hardest to get my own INR machine for home. My cardiologist wrote me a prescription for one.. now what?? How do I find out if my insurance will cover this? What do I sent them? Also, once you have one & you get the results of your test, how do you know how to...
  19. TXGal

    bleeding in my abdominal muscles

    I know this is old, but wanted to chime in because I believe I had one of these happen to me a few weeks ago, just not as severe.. I started working out hard core at the gym and doing ab exercises.. then one day I was sitting down in my son's room and when I bent over I immediately had a very...
  20. TXGal

    Need to vent

    By the way, I meant to add that I know the more I exercise, the faster my body metabolizes coumadin and I believe this is some of what is happening right now. I was hard core for 3 weeks, then stopped cold turkey for 2 because of some personal things that came up.. I'm just thinking a home...