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  1. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Six years today! 3-18-19

    It has been six years today. Life is good!
  2. Heart Of The Sunrise

    5 year anniversary

    5 years ago today...at this moment 1:22 pm I was about halfway through my surgery with Dr Bavaria @ University of Pa. Hospital.
  3. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Here is when I knew I would be fine...even though I needed OHS / AVR

    i am 5 years post-op com 3/18/18. I love telling this story. This is when I knew I was going to be fine. I found out about my condition in early October 2012. I informed my girlfriend (now wife) at the time that we needed to go to church on Thanksgiving of 2012......although we never did before...
  4. Heart Of The Sunrise

    4 year anniversary- hard to believe

    3-18-13- Hard to believe tomorrow marks my 4 year anniversary. I thank everyone on this site for helping me get through pre-surgery, surgery and recovery! You are all the best. Thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom and optimism. My cardiologist often says not every surgeon could do your...
  5. Heart Of The Sunrise

    3 years today!!!!

    Hard to believe that today is the third anniversary of my surgery. I am doing great! INR STABLE @1.8. I am getting married in September. Best of luck to all in the waiting room and newly post-surgery. Bless everyone on this website for sharing their experiences.
  6. Heart Of The Sunrise


    I am going in for a routine colonoscopy on 5/12. Going on a Lovanox bridge once Coumadin is stopped. I also had a bowel resection in 08 due to diverticulitis bursting. This is my first colonoscopy since that surgery and my heart surgery. I am curious as to other experience with colonoscopy...
  7. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Two Years Today!-3/18/15

    It is hard believe it has been two years today since my life-saving surgery. I was getting prepped for surgery at this very hour! The good people on this forum were instrumental in helping me make the right choice of valve for me. They also helped me prepare myself physically, spiritually and...
  8. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Finally got my CoaguChek XS Meter

    Just got done with the training for the CoaguChek XS Meter. This is awesome no more lab!!!!:thumbup:
  9. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Soon to be home testing-looking for pointers and advice.

    My insurance has approved a Coaguchek XS meter. The paperwork is soon to be complete. So, I am looking forward to not having to go to Quest Diagnostics once or twice a month. I believe they are covering everything including a consistent supply of test strips and someone paying a visit to my home...
  10. Heart Of The Sunrise

    One year post-op follow-up with Dr. Bavaria

    I had my one-year post-op follow-up with Dr. Bavaria today. This could not have gone better. The results of the latest echo and this mornings CT scan say it all. My left ventricle has completely remodeled itself and has returned to normal size. My LVEF was 45% before surgery. It is now an...
  11. Heart Of The Sunrise

    One year since my surgery today!

    It is hard to believe that last year at this very moment I was in the OR being prepped for surgery. Today marks my one year anniversary! It is hard to believe that one year has passed since my complex heart surgery. I feel blessed that I found out about it. My recuperation and return to normal...
  12. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Six months...Hard to Believe!!!!

    Today marks my 6 month anniversary. It is hard to believe this very minute of the day I was being prepped for surgery. It seems like a distant surreal dream I feel blessed that I found out about it. I was fortunate in whom my cardiologist, surgeon and hospital were. Other than taking...
  13. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Heart Hero Capes

    Great story the other night on NBC News. See link below. They make superhero capes for children facing OHS!!! http://www.heartherocapes.com/
  14. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Anyone been penalized for taking FMLA for their Heart Surgery?

    During my first week back at work I learned that I will not be paid a significant portion of my pay. I was paid the commission portion of my pay while I was out on FMLA. Now that I have returned to work I was told that I will not be paid my commission pay on any purchase orders that came in...
  15. Heart Of The Sunrise

    "Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars...Glory Last Forever!"

    Heart of the Sunrise- Finally Home- 9 days post-op. My scar is 8 inches long.
  16. Heart Of The Sunrise

    So, glad that I went with an ON-X Mechanical Aortic Valve

    In light of my serious non-heart related post-op complications I am so glad that I went with a mechanical valve. I cannot imagine doing another OHS a second or third time. My mother is 89 years old. So that would likely be what I would be looking at. I will be 57 on 4/12. No thanks!!!!!:eek2...
  17. Heart Of The Sunrise

    post surgery update

    Good morning! Chris's surgery went well. Chris did very well. All went as planned per Dr Bavaria. They extubated him last night, he is coherent. The plan is to get him out of bed today. He was in a lot of pain last night. He is in the best of care. Blessings, Karen
  18. Heart Of The Sunrise

    On-X Valve and On-X Valve Graft Recipients

    I am looking for feedback from forum members who are recipients of the ON-X AVR and/or the ON-X AVR/ Aortic Graft combined unit? I am in need of both procedures. I had my follow-up to 12/4's cath and TEE with my cardio this past week. We discussed likely scenarios that my surgeon will present...
  19. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Heart of the Sunrise- AVR in the Early Spring

    I have various posts on the site some in this pre-surgery folder. This thread will be specific to my preparation for surgery in the spring. I spoke with my cardio today......he reminded me that my surgical necessity is not super urgent. Through his assistance I finally have a rough timeline...
  20. Heart Of The Sunrise

    Cardio Rehab in Delaware County,Pa

    Anyone have any recommendations for post-surgery cardio rehab in Delaware County, Pa. USA.