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    Heart Rate / Pacemaker

    My resting HR is 40 to 45 since about a year after my surgery. I’m 5 years out. I also run on average 30 miles a week. I’m not symptomatic and cardio hasn’t been concerned.
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    2nd opinion now or later for Aortic aneurism?

    My bad sorry read your description wrong, from reading looks like ascending with minimal involvement of arch.
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    2nd opinion now or later for Aortic aneurism?

    A thoracic aortic aneurysm is different than an ascending aortic aneurysm. So it would be good to get that clarification.
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    Lifting weights

    Even though I was given minimal restrictions by my surgeon the advice I was given was to be able to breath through your reps and avoid holding your breath and straining. The other advise was don’t skip follow up echos and scans.
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    Lifting weights

    I was placed on beta blocker to keep my blood pressure down, and because of my aneurysm was told to limit my exercise and lifting. Recommended lighter weights and higher reps, was told if I couldn’t do 15 reps it was too heavy. Didn’t want my blood pressure to spike and wanted to keep my heart...
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    Lifting weights

    I was placed on a beta blocker to keep my blood
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    Lifting weights

    Just to let you know my experience. After my modified Bentall with mechanical valve surgery in 2016 my surgeon did not put any restrictions on my activities including weight lifting, running and biking. My cardiologist recommended not doing “powerlifting” and felt as long as I wasn’t holding my...
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    Second opinion?

    I was able to get a virtual second opinion from the Cleveland Clinic before my procedure 4 years ago at the Mayo Clinic. I forwarded my echos, CT scans and notes, it was an easy process.
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    Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

    I had classic migraines with visual aura followed by a mild headache several times a year before my AVR in 2016. After my surgery I have lost my vision 3 times for about 30 to 45 seconds in one eye and my ocular aura that I had with my classic migraines without the headache occurred several...
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    Aortic Valve Replacement feb. 18th 2020

    Best wishes. Follow through with rehab and just like most on here recommend home weekly testing.
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    OUCH, OUCH!!! Quad injury while on Warfarin...

    I just left mine alone.
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    OUCH, OUCH!!! Quad injury while on Warfarin...

    I have developed a hematoma twice in my calf after presumed muscle tear while running both confirmed by US. Each time resolved within 2 weeks.
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    Improvements resulting from your valve replacement

    I had moderate stenosis and an aneurysm repaired. I’m not sure I noticed a big improvement afterward due directly to the surgery. Doing the surgery relaxed my activity restrictions. I was much more cognizant of my health regarding eating better exercising more and wanting to get over the...
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    Resting heart rate

    Garmin fenix
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    Resting heart rate

    I’m only on warfarin and aspirin. Since my procedure I run 30 miles a week and lift weights 4 days a week. I’m more fit now than preop
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    Yet Another Colonoscopy Question

    Sorry cologuard
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    Yet Another Colonoscopy Question

    If you have no family history of colon cancer and at low risk cologaurd could be an alternative option to colonoscopy.
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    Heading for a new aortic valve.

    My on X is quite loud. For the first year after my surgery I needed to have white noise to sleep, now I don’t. I work with a lot of kids and they frequently hear my heart, one even thought I had a bomb in my chest. I agree, I think being able to hear the valve has a lot to do with body habitus...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I have a long history of classic migraines with the typical visual aura. Headaches have only been minor. Since my surgery in 2016 the auras are more intense, last longer and occur more frequently. I have now had 4 episodes of a gray “curtain” obscuring my vision for up to a minute or two. Have...
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    Resting heart rate

    My preop rate was also around 60 then went up post surgery now my resting is averaging 45. Cardio hasn’t been concerned as long as it isn’t causing symptoms, specifically light headedness.