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  1. Paleowoman

    Engineers find thinner tissues in replacement heart valves create problematic flutter

    An engineer friend sent me this link from MedicalXpress: Engineers find thinner tissues in replacement heart valves create problematic flutter It’s actually referring to transcatheter replacement valves which have thin valve leaflets to enable them to be threaded via an artery to position in...
  2. Paleowoman

    Back on forum

    I’m back. Five weeks off with the wretched side effects of Azithromycin antibiotic on my stomach. I’m not quite better but much better than I was. I’ll try and look in on the forum more often now I’m getting on the mend !
  3. Paleowoman

    Possible strep throat and ensuing problems was Question about Omeprazole

    Been rather ill for the past three weeks with an infection which started as a cold but soon getting fevers. Saw GP last week who put me on antibiotics as she was worried I had strep throat: Azithromycin, it’s was a three day course (finished Saturday evening) which is how Azithromycin works as...
  4. Paleowoman

    Pop up ads

    Any idea how to stop the pop up ads that usually appear on forum ? I can close them or sometimes move them to another part of the page but it's getting irritating - especially when they appear on the left hand side of the page covering part of the forum headings. Most times when I come on forum...
  5. Paleowoman

    Monty Python's Michael Palin due to have OHS

    I just read that Michael Palin is due to have mitral valve repair in September: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/24/michael-palin-announces-plan-have-heart-surgery-cancels-book/ https://www.themichaelpalin.com/palins_posts/the-ticker-tapes/
  6. Paleowoman

    Heart surgery and shoulder problem connection

    I have at last got an answer as to the continuing pain with my left shoulder...and pain and cracking noise in my sternum. Although an MRI showed that the supraspinatus tendon in my shoulder has a small tear which showed on previous MRI of 18 months ago, the recent MRI was of my sternum too. This...
  7. Paleowoman

    Saw cardiologist

    I saw my cardiologist for review today after my echocardiogram last week. The result is that the valve leaflets are still fine. The pressure gradients again increasing: mean 35 mmHg, peak 56 mmHg, which will be due to the patient prosthesis mismatch. I go back to see cardiologist in a year...
  8. Paleowoman

    Importance of "heart valve card"

    Before an MRI today, although I had taken the print out from Edwards which shows my valve is MR Conditional, the radiographer was very keen to see the card I was sent by Edwards post surgery that has info about my valve which I carry in my purse. The radiographer said she is always surprised by...
  9. Paleowoman

    My five year old incision scar

    To get this forum going again as per Angie's request to make it active, here's a piccie of my five year old incision scar which I took just now - with a shirt so I look decent ! There's a couple of very sensitive bumps at the top of the scar which must be wires - I suspect my body has covered...
  10. Paleowoman

    Where is The Order Of The Tawdry Shirt forum ?

    Hi @Angie - I did a search for the Order of the The Tawdry Shirt forum and came up with it: https://www.valvereplacement.org/forums/the-order-of-the-tawdry-shirt-toots.33/ but I can't see it in the list of forums - where is it ? Also not all the photos people posted show. Have you any ideas ?
  11. Paleowoman

    How do I quote ?

    I have tried multiple ways to quote someone's message in a recent post. I have selected text in the message I want to quote, I have used the +quote icon, I have used the -quote icon, I have used the inverted commas icon, I have used regular html to quote, I am failing miserably ! Please help...
  12. Paleowoman

    Photo of my prosthetic aortic valve

    I was looking for a new avatar and one of the things I briefly thought of using was a screenshot of an image of my prosthetic aortic valve from a CT scan I had. It wouldn’t have been very clear in the little avatar circle but I thought it interesting to post the screenshot of it. You can see the...
  13. Paleowoman

    Scar from surgery

    I didn't know where to post this and it's only indirectly related to heart surgery, but it is directly due to post surgery scar. I don't follow the UK royals much but was drawn to something in today's press about the wedding of Princess Eugenie. She had major back surgery when she was younger...
  14. Paleowoman

    Arnold Schwarzenegger - emergency heart surgery

    Had to redo this whole message as when I edited it I got a message that it was possible spam - doh ! Got this from the Daily Telegraph: Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly undergone emergency heart surgery after complications from a related experimental procedure. Entertainment website TMZ...
  15. Paleowoman


    Testing to see if things working properly again.
  16. Paleowoman

    Saw excellent cardiac surgeon

    Been very busy seeing docs lately. I saw a cardiac surgeon last week about the rising pressure gradients and the development of LVH I have been getting since AVR, plus the fact that I have never fully got back to how fit and well I was prior to AVR and what to do about it all. A few days before...
  17. Paleowoman

    Severity of stenosis

    Rephrasing my previous question, if a person has a aortic valve area of 0.8 cm2 how would that be classified ? I thought that under 1 cm2 was classified as "severe" and under 0.6 cm2 as "critical" yet the radiologist who measured my aortic valve area on MRI wrote "no sigificant stenosis" at 0.8 cm2.
  18. Paleowoman

    Cardiac MRI report question

    I got the report from the cardiac MRI I had the other week. I’m not seeing the cardiac surgeon until I have a second MRI to compare with this one next year, though I’ll be seeing my cardiologist and having another echocardiogram later this year. I can’t begin to understand all of the MRI report...
  19. Paleowoman

    Good news

    I saw the cardiac surgeon at the Royal Brompton this morning. Had the trans-oesophageal echo day before yesterday which shows the replacement 19mm Magna Ease valve is small, about 1 sq cm, and I have that left ventricular hypertrophy caused by that, but the valve is not degenerating. Surgeon...
  20. Paleowoman

    Back in waiting room again

    I had my six monthly echo today. Not good. My peak pressure gradient, which had been rising steadily since AVR three years ago, has risen from 42mm/Hg to 59mm/Hg in the past six months, and the mean gradient risen from 21mm/Hg to 32mm/Hg. The cardiologist who did the echo (I get mine done by a...