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  1. Paleowoman

    Covid 19 Vaccine For Post Op

    From yesterday's UK press: Thirty-three people who died after getting a Covid-19 vaccine in Norway were all over 75, seriously ill and there is no evidence of a 'direct link' between the jab and their deaths, health officials have said. Norway's medicine agency sought to reassure people on...
  2. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- Bye, Bye 2020 Edition

    I'm hoping 2021 will be a better year than 2020. I've managed 2020, I've been 'locked down' due to having to shield since end of last March, I don't mind that but there is a limit as there's things I have to do, people can't put their lives on hold for ever. I need to be able to do more things...
  3. Paleowoman

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas all !
  4. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- December 21, 2020

    I love the decorated model Leipzig Station Jim ! All the little lights too, and people, it all looks so real !
  5. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- December 21, 2020

    We're staying at home here - in fact everyone in this part of England is staying at home this Christmas ! We're all in lockdown in London and the south east of England. People aren't even allowed to visit other families and aren't allowed to travel. Anyway, we had already planned to have just...
  6. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- December 8, 2020

    Hi @Superbob - I am definitely going to go for the vaccine as getting Covid could be worse for sure ! And having a heart 'problem' increases risk from Covid. I've not heard of any side effects from the vaccine apart from two people reported in the British press who are highly allergic and...
  7. Paleowoman

    AVR done Nov 19th, Post Op Update

    Following AVR, I was on Heparin, a blood thinner, for three days if I remember right, Omeprazole (a proton pump inhibitor to protect stomach) for one week, a diuretic for just over one week, and Atenolol (a beta blocker) for just over six weeks, the dose of Atenolol was halved at three weeks.
  8. Paleowoman

    Tissue valve and taking probiotics

    Whenever I've been on antibiotics my GP, dentist, consultant, have recommended that I take probiotics. However, if you're currently taking the antibiotics then taking probiotics at the same time could probably be a waste of money snce the antibiotics would zap the good bacteria in the...
  9. Paleowoman

    AVR done Nov 19th, Post Op Update

    Great news ! Wishing you continued wellness for the rest of your recovery which aready sounds pretty amazing !
  10. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- Thanksgiving Week 2020

    Happy Thanksgiving Superbob and everyone on your side of the pond :D Here in England we're going into a new sort of lockdown from next week which will last until the end of March (or maybe longer). We'll all get five days at Christmas when we can invite other family into each other's homes. DH...
  11. Paleowoman

    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    Hi @Projohta My bicuspid aortic valve murmur was first heard when I was 25 but I didn’t get any more echos, apart from when I was pregnant, until I was 53 when the murmur got worse, then I started getting annual echos with the pressure gradients followed. When the pressure gradients suddenly...
  12. Paleowoman

    Age 55 and I need a new Aortic Valve, Its decision time. Radiation caused calcium build up. (First Post)

    Hi @FishnFool Most patients are asked to decide whether they want to have a tissue or a mechanical valve, unless there are compelling reasons why they can’t have a choice. BUT it’s then the cardiac surgeon who will decide which model of valve…..it would be no good a patient asking for a...
  13. Paleowoman

    Age 55 and I need a new Aortic Valve, Its decision time. Radiation caused calcium build up. (First Post)

    Hi @FishnFool again ! I just discovered that my Magna Ease valve's full name is Perimount Magna Ease Aortic Valve so maybe that’s the Perimount your surgeon was referring to ? Here’s a link to the two latest valves from Edwards: Surgical aortic heart valves | Edwards Lifesciences I think...
  14. Paleowoman

    Age 55 and I need a new Aortic Valve, Its decision time. Radiation caused calcium build up. (First Post)

    Hi @FishnFool - welcome to the forum ! Best to get advice on valves from the cardiac surgeon - haven't you seen yours yet ? I see you are scheduled for surgery on Nov 19th ! The Edwards Inspiris Resilia valve is the latest valve from Edwards, the Perimount Bovine valve is older. I have the...
  15. Paleowoman

    Prostate benefit for vitamin K2?

    Thanks Tom ! Glad to know TURP worked :)
  16. Paleowoman

    Prostate benefit for vitamin K2?

    I have never given DH any of my vitamin K2 - maybe I should have ? He was on alpha-blockers (Tamsulosin) for his enlarged prostate for about eight years but with worsening symptoms had TURP procedure four weeks ago. He can now pee like when he was younger but is still in recovery stages and...
  17. Paleowoman

    Why are you asked to sniff during an echo

    I've been asked to do the sniff test during an echo but only one done by a cardiologist who does 'expert' echos. He also had me do a Valsalva maneuver which is another test used for cardiac function. I've never had a regular echo technician do those tests.
  18. Paleowoman

    Staying the Course -- October 27, 2020

    Wishing you a good recovery from this one Superbob, and for the trials ahead.
  19. Paleowoman

    Vitamin D

    There's more answers in an almost duplicate thread which had more postings here: VitD and bio AVR Btw, calcium supplements can lead to calcification. Calcium supplements are not the same as the calcium one gets from food. Calcium supplements are generally calcium carbonate. Although I have...
  20. Paleowoman

    Schwarzenegger had another OHS

    I was born :D I just read several articles about Arnold's latest surgery and they all reveal a history of bicuspid aortic valve. Glad he seems to be doing well after this third OHS.