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    2nd surgery

    I had Mitral Valve Replacement and Tricuspid repair in 2016. During my check up last week,they noticed my aortic valve is leaking more. Will they open me up or through the side? anyone else gone through this.I have mechanical already,so I'll be getting it for the aortic valve.
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    2nd heart surgery -possible

    Hey guys!Its been awhile since I've been on here. let me refresh - i had Mitral Valve Replacement and Tricuspid Repair on May 3,2016 and have mechanical valve. i get ECHO every few months. i had one last week and they discovered my aortic valve is starting to leak more.I know my surgeon said...
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    18 months Nov 3rd

    Seems like May 3,2016 when I was going into the operating room.Everyday is a miracle to be alive. Im still getting use to my valve ticking fast.scares me at times. cant believe it's 18 months!
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    Hi Everybody!

    Been awhile since I've been on here :) How is everyone doing? As you know,I celebrated my one year anniversary on May 3rd!Im back to doing hour workouts now.I recently went to the mall for the first time in a year,and I walked the whole place three times!!! Before,I couldn't walk without...
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    May 3rd-1 year anniversary

    Wednesday will be my One year anniversary!!! i can't believe how fast it went by.I am grateful for a wonderful medical team. i love hearing my valve tick! keep ticking!
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    I don't need a TEE!!

    I was suppose to have one on May 2 with my cardiologist.But,because my mechanical valves is one of the newest valves;I also get an echo with my surgeon as well.So,we had another ECHO done on 4/19 and the results were very exciting!!!! My surgeon personally called the Cardilogist and they...
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    TEE on May 2

    Yesterday,I had my follow up to my ECHO.My cardiologist thinks he saw leakage in my aortic Valve,but because my mechanical valve is shadowing it,I need a TEE done. it will be on my one year anniversary of MVR.Has anyone had this procedure done and can you really feel it go down?I know your...
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    Scar Question

    Im 9 months out,but I was wondering does the scar eventually fade or will it always be there? It doesn't bother me,most stare and say I'm brave. so I was wondering if anyone else gets stares from time to time.
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    Scar Question

    Im 9 months out,but I was wondering does the scar eventually fade or will it always be there? It doesn't bother me,most stare and say I'm brave.
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    Hearing pulse in ears

    Recently,I started hearing my pulse in my ears.Is that also something I have to get use to?Ive gotten use to when my Valve randomly ticks fast. any advice on what you do when you hear your pulse in your ears? friday will be 9 months since MVR!
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    Foot vibration

    I've had this happen to me a few times,I'll be sleeping and my foot starts to vibrate. Is this normal?
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    Menstrual cycle and Coumadin

    Any ladies out there can relate to this! The one thing I hate about being on Coumadin is my periods are now 12-14 days.And,not to sound gross or anything I feel like I feel like I'm giving birth to a blood clot every two weeks. I'm talking to my doctor to see if we could switch to a different...
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    Tips for Valve Ticking Fast

    Last night,my valve ticked fast a few times that I was startled.Normally,it happens once or twice for 30 seconds. Is it normal for it to do that and any tips on what to do next time it happens?
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    6 months

    Yippee! I'm happy to have found an awesome support group who understands what I went through. Those who have had valves for years,you are inspiration to those who are getting use to having a valve.
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    Good News!

    Had my follow up to my follow up this past Thursday! All the chambers are normal size and heart is no longer enlarged. Yeah!
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    For those who have had mechanical for years

    I'd like to say thank you for being inspiring and supportive of the newbies. I still have my moments as I'm almost 6 months out,but what advice would you give to others like me?
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    When did you start feeling ok?

    How long did it take for you to feel better and somewhat back to "normal?" Not like your gonna die every 10 seconds feeling.
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    Cold weather and incision

    It's starting to get cold and I can feel it in my incision. will I be able to feel it years later?
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    I did my first Heart Walk!

    Yesterday,I did my first Heart and Stroke Walk 2016 in Tacoma,Wa.I did the one mile survivor walk instead of the 5 mile.Everyone was amazed that I had MVR 5 months and congratulated me on going.I took it slow,I stopped many times to rest,but I made it!
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    What were the signs that lead you to OHS?

    For me,I had this huge long cough and my teeth were bleeding for the last year.I was misdiagnosed with Asthma back in November.So,from November til I was hospitalized in April I was short of breath...couldn't walk anymore. What weee your symptons?