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  1. PAN

    my time has come

    48 Hours, wow that was optimistic.. Best of luck for the big day 👍
  2. PAN

    New to site and pre-surgery for BAV

    Welcome. Best of luck with your surgery. I found this site about ten years ago and I'm still waiting for surgery. Don't think Ive read it all yet 😁 Its a great site. If I go mechanical Id opt for Onx but would would insist on a standard AC therapy. going slightly high or slightly low at an INR...
  3. PAN

    my time has come

    Sorry to hear that.. Hope you are doing ok and the valve isnt holding you back too much. I was given an option recently for Nov /Dec but have decided myself to push it 6 months. For several reasons. Hopefully you get a date soon 🤞
  4. PAN

    Keyhole AVR

    Hi, Had a quick search and didn't see this posted. Keyhole mechanical AVR. Pretty impressive. Fair warning, it's a surgical video😶 Ah that's quite clear in the preview😉 P
  5. PAN

    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    Hi there, If your condition is mild , youre feeling well and the cardiologist is indicating surgery a good distance down the road, I wouldn't worry so much. You will go through phases obsessing about it but for the most part live your life while you feel good. Easier said than done at times but...
  6. PAN

    Decision time.

    That's a great picture. I shall spread that one around:) Very sorry to hear about your wife. I can't imagine how you dealt with that. A crap shoot it certainly is. Perspective comes around every now and again. We/I should try to hold onto it. I foresee and few more annoying weeks, followed by...
  7. PAN

    Decision time.

    Thank you all again. I did obsess about it a little over the weekend and I'm still leaning towards the mechanical right now. Though I still await a 2nd and 3rd opinion and will make the final decision in a number of weeks I would imagine. Yeah that's true :) You have to laugh though.. I will...
  8. PAN

    Decision time.

    Looking deeper into my own situation I wonder how fast the aorta would continue to grow. Impossible to tell but fun to ponder :) My root is normal and valve cusps are Right and non coronary fused. Pointing to ascending type aortopathy. Literature seems to suggest a greater influence from blood...
  9. PAN

    Decision time.

    Hi, Thank you all for your responses. It helps a lot. He provided graphs from several papers displaying what I would describe as minimal improvement above long term mechanical valves. A lot of the data is similar to this Grand rounds session . I will look deeper into the data if I can fine...
  10. PAN

    Decision time.

    Hi, I had my first consult with my surgeon recently to discuss options. He surprised me with his suggestion. I've been monitoring BAV for about 10 years now. Over those years it has been mostly insufficient but now increasingly stenotic. My ascending aorta is around 41mm depending on the day...
  11. PAN

    Smart Watch etc. Heart Arrythmias

    Big problem is that it isn't monitoring the ecg full time. Moving in the right direction though.
  12. PAN

    Smart Watch etc. Heart Arrythmias

    Latest fitbit looks like it provides basic 2 lead ECG with AFIB monitoring. Similar to the 2 finger desktop device mentioned above. Most expensive fitbit but its measuring a lot. Also monitors night time breathing apparently...
  13. PAN

    Double valve replacement story, 2nd surgery, 9 days post op

    Hi, great that you are through this one and recovering well. Appreciate the detail in the write up. Impressive scar :) Glad the ticking is a non issue for you, hopefully with time the volume goes down a little. Best of luck with the rest of your recovery (y)
  14. PAN

    No change

    Hi, In the early years of monitoring my valve it might be heard might not. My cardio pointed to the dynamic nature of the circulatory system to explain this. Stress, tiredness, fitness, medication etc. These days it can be heard every time when examined. I notice it tends to be louder myself at...
  15. PAN

    New to forum

    Hi Adam, This is the perfect place to answer many of your questions. Start listing your questions for the surgeon now as they come to mind. Sometimes I'd think of a good one then it would slip my mind. Needless to say, I have a few after several years in the virtual waiting room. My own...
  16. PAN

    my time has come

    Hi Pekster Thanks for the details and the sequence of events so far. You are right LHCH is supposed to be excellent. My experience there so far has been very good. Hopefully it continues :) Interesting that you have seen more than one surgeon. They will all be there on the day? I'll be...
  17. PAN

    my time has come

    Best of luck with the surgery. I'm sure I will be in a similar situation soon enough. Have a surgical referral but yet to meet up. Had some calls about getting dental up to date.. Maybe it'll be months. My ascending aorta and arch is slightly dilated (4.0) so I suspect some graft work. Not...
  18. PAN

    Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

    Interestingly, In the years leading up my BAV diagnosis I would lose vision in my left eye, top section only. This happened quite regularly and usually in the morning so I put it down to hunger. Once I started taking aspirin and BP meds (Telmisartan) they vanished.
  19. PAN

    Plain old AVR

    I would be inclined to agree. In a few more months it'll no doubt be busier and in the absence of a vaccine the risk will probably be higher. An interesting little addition to things. I think I may have read the "Plain old" part in another thread. Just the valve and hopefully nothing extra...
  20. PAN

    Plain old AVR

    Hi, A short update, not much has changed, still in the holding pattern. Echo last year showed the usual BAV results i have been seeing for the last few years. Pressure gradient had definitely increased (65mmHg peak) so signs things are going down hill slowly or maybe quickly :). TOE performed...