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    Magnesium anyone?

    I've been struggling to fall asleep at a reasonable hour within the last year or so. By reasonable, I mean before midnight. Anyway, after searching up some natural suggestions, I've decided that I might like to give magnesium a go. So far I seem to be reading conflicting info about the...
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    Mini stoke at 2.1 INR. Wth:(

    Who has a stroke at 34 years of age?? This girl! Booooo on that:( How often does everyone with a new mechanical valve get their INR checked? I've always felt comfortable with going 48 hours, but two weeks ago my pharmacist convinced me (by making me feel silly) to come in once a week. Well...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I've had migraines since I was 10 and they always started off with the little flashing aura and then ended with a headache behind the eye and vomiting. Very frustrating as a kid, especially when you have a step mom who thinks you'e lying and won't help you. Needless to say, migraines are a...
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    So when did you all feel "normal" again?

    Hey Hey! I'm alive, haha! I'm on day 6 post op and just taking it hour by hour. Can' wait till it's day by day lol. Anyway, just hoping everyone can share how they felt around this time and how long it took to blow up those darn 3 balls. Also, I have a surgeon of very few words, and he...
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    Shout out to those in love...with their hair!

    Men or ladies, let's talk about hair! From the reading I have been doing these days, it appears that hair loss seems to go hand in hand with Warfarin. My question is this: how many of you have experienced permanent hair loss/thinning as a result of warfarin (not the temporary hair loss that...
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    Pre surgery depression/worries/weird thoughts

    My surgery to replace my aortic valve with a mechanical valve is happening in October 2017. I'm scared. I know that's normal. In fact, I know that everything I'm feeling is normal(to a degree), so why don't I feel normal? I'm thinking that maybe I need to go on an anti depressant just to shut...
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    A whine about wine...try not to judge!

    Hello, forgive my ignorance as I am still digesting the very idea of having to rely on a mechanical valve. Didn't even know my ticker had an issue until four years ago. Anyway, my question is this: Will I need to forever say goodbye to the feeling of total inebriation? I just got used to the...