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    Vertigo, Visual Disturbances and 'wobbly' feeling

    Hi! This might be a long shot but hoping maybe someone else has had experience with whatever is going on with me lately. I had my Mechanical Valve Replacement in Nov 2019. In Feb 2020, while I was sick with the flu, i started getting these weird zig zags in my vision and occasionally my vision...
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    Left Ventricle Remodeling after AVR

    Hello everyone! I just completed my second open heart surgery last week. My first surgery was a valve repair, this surgery was an aortic valve replacement (mechanical). One thing I can’t seem to get out of my head was that after the surgery, the surgeon told my mom everything went well but that...
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    Life after Mechanical Valve --- 31 years old

    Hi Everyone, About 2 years ago I had an aortic valve REPAIR that unfortunately hasn't held up well. In the next few months I'll be going in for a valve replacement. I have my 'heart' set on a mechanical valve. A couple questions i think i know the answers to, but Id love to hear more personal...