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  1. Bugsy

    Does everyone here go through A service?

    It seems like every year it gets more difficult to get test strips. My doctor is fine with me home testing so I don't see the need to go through a service such as Philips Medical. It seems though that these companies are trying to put every roadblock in place that they can to force me to go...
  2. Bugsy

    Cardiologist in Central Florida

    Does anyone know a cardiologist in Central Florida that allows home testing? I switched a couple of years ago because the office that set me up with home testing startedcharging me $25 each time I called in my results (I might understand it if they provided the machine and/or the test strips). I...
  3. Bugsy

    Slightly dilated aorta and chest pain?

    I had my mitral valve replaced due to bacterial endocarditis over 5 years ago. On my last echo my cardiologist mentioned I had a slightly dilated aorta and said it wasn't anything to worry about but we'll keep an eye on it. The last couple of weeks I have occasionally felt some mild pressure in...
  4. Bugsy


    Knowing my cholesterol runs a little high I ramped up my exercise and altered my diet trying to avoid statins since I'm one of the 5% (so they claim) that gets joint pain. Well the numbers came in: Cholesterol Total 238 HDL 47 Triglycerides 251 LDL 141 I don't eat sweets but I will have a beer...
  5. Bugsy

    5 Years

    5 years ago today I was on the operating table. It's interesting because to me, it feels like a birthday but I'm the only one who recognizes it. I think I might have a beer for lunch today!
  6. Bugsy

    Robotic surgery steadies irregular heartbeat

  7. Bugsy

    What happens if someone falls through the cracks?

    I'm not concerned about myself, I just wonder what happens if someone on coumadin loses their health insurance and can't afford to test regularly? I know my cardiologist office will not renew the prescription if I don't test on schedule. It's interesting to me that they're so concerned about...
  8. Bugsy

    Do you get charged?

    Does your cardiologist charge you each time you call in your pro time? I've been home testing for 3 years now and never been charged for calling in my pro time until a few months ago. I'm not sure if it's the Dr's office or the insurance that has changed policy's but $25 each time I call it in...
  9. Bugsy

    A story with a happy ending

    This was in today's local paper. I just thought some of you might enjoy reading it. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/orl-sportsadelson-heart-24062409jun24,0,1446507.column
  10. Bugsy

    Wow! This is a mess.

    Since it's time for me to order new test strips I've been reading some of the posts here. It sounds like I'm not the only one that's a little frustrated. To give you some background I got my machine through QAS and my insurance company at the time paid 80%. Now my employer has changed and QAS is...
  11. Bugsy

    Endocarditis relapse?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had endocarditis again after they had their valve replacement. I've been really tired lately but I'm more inclined to think it's allergies. We get all kinds of nice things in the air this time of the year in Florida. I'm curious how common it is.
  12. Bugsy

    Am I the only one?

    I had a mitral valve replacement 8 months ago and for the most part feel pretty good except I seem to get winded easily at the first part of almost any activity but once I get going I seem to be fine. For example, walking up to flights of stairs I have to catch my breath but last week I hiked...
  13. Bugsy

    High INR and fatigue?

    Can having a high INR (4.5) cause fatigue?