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    my self management results for 2020

    Jeepers, Pellicle, you're flawless. I want to be like you lol. You managed to never go over 3.5👍 Do you eat and drink the same things, for the most part? I find that I'm so afraid of being in the twos, I tend to shoot for 3 and end up hitting 4.
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    Magnesium anyone?

    I looked for this type of magnesium today and couldnt find it anywhere. I found oxide and citrate, but no glycinate. I'm planning to call my pharmacy tomorrow and see what each kind does.
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    Magnesium anyone?

    Do they make a significant difference with the frequency of your migraines? I get migraines with aura, and their frequency has doubled since my surgery, so I'm super curious if magnesium is the key. It would be a dream if it cut them down by half.
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    Magnesium anyone?

    Your comment about your arrhythmias has me thinking. I have palpitations now and then, maybe a few times a month, and they last for about 3 seconds. My cardiologist has had me on a few holters but, of course, I never get one on those days😑. She says she's not overly concerned because they don't...
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    Magnesium anyone?

    I've been struggling to fall asleep at a reasonable hour within the last year or so. By reasonable, I mean before midnight. Anyway, after searching up some natural suggestions, I've decided that I might like to give magnesium a go. So far I seem to be reading conflicting info about the...
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    Regurgitation Age of Surgery

    I didn't find out I had BAV till my second pregnancy (29yrs) when my midwife heard a murmur. Had surgery at 34.
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    Revisiting Post of Home Monitoring

    This was a great response:) Very informative. You are one of the very few people I've met who had a stroke after a valve replacement, and I gotta say, it's comforting --as weird as that sounds lol. I guess it's nice not feeling like I had some freakish bad luck, as my surgeon hinted at. Mine...
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    Revisiting Post of Home Monitoring

    That's what I like to hear!👍🤞
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    Clicking sound of mechanical valve

    Ha, I had no idea a graft could make it louder. I hear mine if ever I want to, if that makes sense. When I take a deep breath in, it gets louder, but not so much that anyone can hear it if my mouth is closed. If I open my mouth, people say it's audible, which I find kind of funny, and my kiddos...
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    Revisiting Post of Home Monitoring

    I only do home monitoring and the occasional testing at the pharmacy down the street. My doctor would have no real idea if I'm high or low. I assumed he was getting the results from the pharmacy until about a year and bit ago when my pharmacist told me they wrote my results down under my...
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    Mechanical Valve Stroke Risk

    I had my aortic valve replaced in November 2017 and had a stroke in January 2018. I was not a happy camper. My INR was 2.1 when it happened and it was considered somewhat of a freak occurrence. Needless to say, I was pretty popular in the stroke ward. Since then, I've been as low as 1.9 and...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    Late to the game in replying to this, but the cheese does not stand alone -- I get them too. I've had migraine with aura since I was 10. They started with the blur, then went to headaches and vomiting. The vomiting stopped in my late teens, but the headaches and auras continue. Google migraine...
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    Mini stoke at 2.1 INR. Wth:(

    Thanks for the replies! I'm guess I'm not really sure if it was a stroke or TIA, but I like the sounds of TIA better lol. I did have an MRI and the doc said he could see the damage. But he said it was small, and the only part of me that's "not me" is my right hand. Can't write my name...
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    Mini stoke at 2.1 INR. Wth:(

    Who has a stroke at 34 years of age?? This girl! Booooo on that:( How often does everyone with a new mechanical valve get their INR checked? I've always felt comfortable with going 48 hours, but two weeks ago my pharmacist convinced me (by making me feel silly) to come in once a week. Well...
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    I've had migraines since I was 10 and they always started off with the little flashing aura and then ended with a headache behind the eye and vomiting. Very frustrating as a kid, especially when you have a step mom who thinks you'e lying and won't help you. Needless to say, migraines are a...
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    So when did you all feel "normal" again?

    Great responses, folks! A few made me grab for my pillow so I could have a giggle lol. For me, normalish would be being able to sleep and move with no pain. I've got pinching and pulling in places that have zero do to with my chest, so why on earth do they hurt?? Grrr. Guess I'll have to see...
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    So when did you all feel "normal" again?

    Hey Hey! I'm alive, haha! I'm on day 6 post op and just taking it hour by hour. Can' wait till it's day by day lol. Anyway, just hoping everyone can share how they felt around this time and how long it took to blow up those darn 3 balls. Also, I have a surgeon of very few words, and he...
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    Drainage tube removal experience!?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I'm going in tomorrow at 5:45am and for some crazy reason the drainage tube removal thing has been bugging me lol. As if it matters after surviving a surgery, right Lol?? But still good to go in with a bit of an idea of how it will feel is helpful to me.
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    Shout out to those in love...with their hair!

    Men or ladies, let's talk about hair! From the reading I have been doing these days, it appears that hair loss seems to go hand in hand with Warfarin. My question is this: how many of you have experienced permanent hair loss/thinning as a result of warfarin (not the temporary hair loss that...
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    Pre surgery depression/worries/weird thoughts

    So a few things I wanted to respond to(not a clue how I respond to individual posts /responses). The dementia thing: Lots and lots of links I'm sure I could provide, but, instead, just type in "warfarin dementia" and you'll have lots to read. Scary stuff! I took the advice of many of you...