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  1. Ross

    Happy Birthday Hank

    Happy birthday! Should I send you some Grecian formula yet?
  2. Ross

    Black and Blues on Warfarin?

    Doctors are split on deciding if it's really appropriate to take it all the time or not. It's just added insurance against heart attacks and stokes.
  3. Ross

    Happy Birthday realkarl (41)

    Happy Birthday! Hey, I almost remember what 41 was like. You get to be my age, you need Grecian formula and Geritol.
  4. Ross

    Long term care insurance

    Laura I'd appeal that decision. It's pre existing and they can no longer deny you based on that, at least for health insurance. Thinking about it, they may be able to for long term care.
  5. Ross

    INR during bridging???

    Your INR should be 1.0 to 1.2, so 1.4 is acceptable. Not acceptable if your NOT taking the Lovenox as your supposed too.
  6. Ross

    Arrythmia after surgery - temporary or permanent

    Hi Sherry. What kind of arrhythmias are they? It's hard to say how long they'll last. For some, it's a few days, for others weeks or even months. Unfortunately, some permanently.
  7. Ross

    Medtronic failure rates

    She was at one time. There used to be a MOO and MAMOOJR. http://www.valvereplacement.org/forums/showthread.php?13344-suzuki-mechanical-valve&highlight=Starr
  8. Ross

    repeat AVR looming after only 6 years!

    Eddie I don't know what to say. Get the second opinion, but honestly, I think your going to get the same answers. Sorry you have to endure this yet again.
  9. Ross

    No surgery needed???

    If your Atrium is enlarging, your beginning to have heart damage that if not taken care of soon, may well become permanent damage. I see no point in waiting until your disabled for life, when there is a window to turn this enlargement around. What does your cardiologist say? Surgical consult in...
  10. Ross

    Warfarin drug alternative

    Mark, since day one that I've been here, several drugs have been mentioned and tried. Many never made it past the development stage, Dibigatran is the most successful and just because they aren't using it in heart valve patients, doesn't necessarily mean that it won't eventually be tried. We...
  11. Ross

    Lefrak Retires!

    I can't help but think my two recently retired Docs did the same thing.
  12. Ross

    Happy Birthday inventory (61)

    61? Somehow, this just doesn't seem quite right. Happy Birthday young man!
  13. Ross

    Sodium Restrictions

    I'm pretty much limited to whatever comes with the food. I'm not to add any salt to anything, but not completely cut it out of my diet either.
  14. Ross

    New CPR Technique

    Most of you know this already, but for those that don't', please watch this: http://medicine.arizona.edu/spotlight/learn-sarver-heart-centers-continuous-chest-compression-cpr
  15. Ross

    Help me to ask the right questions.

    Well certainly ask how the condition of the valve and ascending aorta looked. You may be able to go years without surgery, but the mini strokes are a pretty good sign that something isn't right somewhere.
  16. Ross

    Help me to ask the right questions.

    Hi Karen and welcome to the zoo. Do you know where this hole is? If it's presenting no symptoms for you, then I would imagine they'd leave it alone until it does. What you need to do is get copies of your test records and go over them. Many times, doctors write things down that are relevent...
  17. Ross

    Lovenox generic

    Lovenox - 80mg/0.8ml Solution 0.8ml Syringe Quantity Our Price 10 syringes $639.36 - save 15% ($112.06) 20 syringes $1,278.72 - save 15% ($224.12) 30 syringes $1,918.07 - save 15% ($336.19) 40 syringes $2,557.43 - save 15% ($448.25) 50 syringes $3,196.79 - save 15% ($560.31) 60 syringes...
  18. Ross

    Glass Roadways?

    Now this idea is pretty darn cool. I just wonder if they can really make it work: http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/video/2010/061810.htm
  19. Ross

    INR testing

    Appeal appeal appeal. They love to try to get out of paying for it when they can.
  20. Ross

    Lovenox generic

    $250 vs $900+, that's a no brainer even for insurance companies.