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  1. Christian

    9 year followup

    Few of you likely remember me, but I was a regular user here in the early 2000's. My wife (then 32 years old) had a mitral valve repair at the Cleveland Clinic in 2005. Dr. Cosgrove was her surgeon. Yesterday was her 9 year followup evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic. Her regurgitation which...
  2. Christian


    Hi guys. I tried to change my e-mail address of record to christian.helbling@*****.com and got a message that my e-mail address had been banned. I assume it's a mistake, since I've never used that address here. Can someone fix that for me? I hope this note find everyone well. Jill and our...
  3. Christian

    Hi all

    Just checking in. For those of you who remember me, Jill's doing great after about two years. Her valve repair held up during her second pregnancy (only trace regurgitation). Our son Colin turns three on Monday. Celia is six months old. We're looking forward to a busy holiday season. Hope...
  4. Christian

    Life Insurance after Mitral Valve Repair

    I've read dozens of posts here over the years relating to the difficulties in securing life insurance both before and after valve surgery. Between 1998 and 2004 my wife (who is now 33) was consistently rejected by about a dozen life insurance companies due to her mitral valve regurgitation...
  5. Christian

    Cort's Road Trip

    Jill and I met our first VR member yesterday, as Cort graciously dropped by on his way out of Pittsburgh. Here's a photo of Jill, Cort and my son Colin sitting in the backyard. http://www.flickr.com/photos/77699807@N00/214947723/
  6. Christian

    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    :D So, aside from Labguide's daughter, does anyone else have any first-hand experience with this?
  7. Christian

    Mario Lemieux has an Ablation for his A-Fib

    http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06058/662036.stm For the few of you that are hockey fans...
  8. Christian

    Prayer Request

    I've never done this before -- not even before my dear wife's surgery.... Please, please, PLEASE pray for a Pittsburgh Steelers win tomorrow.
  9. Christian

    Mario Lemieux

    By far my favorite sports figure, Mario Lemieux has been sidelined with A-Fib. I wonder whether there's some underlying cause that's valve related. He had to go through radiation for Hodgkins a decade or so ago. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05343/619781.stm
  10. Christian

    Carista's Surgery

    Isn't Carista having her surgery today? I dropped by for news but saw none. In any event, if I'm right (and the VR calendar is right), she's likely on the table as I type. Wishing you all the best.
  11. Christian

    Two Weeks Post Op

    We've been awfully lucky so far... Jill had an EKG today and her rythym is still normal. I think we may have dodged the A-fib bullet. Nothing else has happened except for a smooth, textbook recovery. Her incision is nearly healed, although it's still sore. We're going to go out to dinner...
  12. Christian


    Jill's here with me and her parents in the hotel room. Still no bumps in her recovery. She says "everything's going well and thanks for all the messages." She's too uncomfortable to post herself.
  13. Christian

    Pre-Surgery Workup

    We're off to Cleveland in the morning for Jill's Pre-Surgery workup. We'll come back home for the weekend and then return to Cleveland on Monday. What goes on during these types of things? Anything odd that we should expect?
  14. Christian

    Pre-Surgery Checklist

    I've sponged up as much as I can over the last few weeks and we've completed the following "oddball" tasks, most of which I would not have thought of but for this website: 1. Acquired a recliner and put it in our bedroom 2. Called our insurer and verified full coverage 3. Reserved...
  15. Christian

    Jill has her date....

    November 1, 2005 at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Cosgrove. I'm sure she'll post over in the Pre Surgery forum after she's done making all of her phone calls.
  16. Christian

    Insurance Issues

    I've read a few insurance posts on here and it got me worrying. The wife's having mitral valve surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in the next couple of months. We have a Blue Cross PPO that pays 100% for in network services without any referral requirement, and the Cleveland Clinic is in our...
  17. Christian

    Ebstein's Anomaly

    We have an aquaintance (close friends of our friends) who has an infant son who was just diagnosed with Ebstein's Anomaly. I expect they'll show up here in the course of their research. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, could you please elaborate. We can send them the link to...
  18. Christian

    NBA Player's Pending Heart Surgery

    They spelled "root" wrong. :) http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/basketball/nba/07/22/turiaf.lakers.ap/index.html
  19. Christian

    Post-Surgery Vacationing

    Jill and I are considering scheduling an eleven day cruise after her surgery (mitral valve repair or replacement) so that we all have something good to look forward to. How long after the surgery should we wait to disembark? Two months? Three? More? I'm guessing the boat won't have more...
  20. Christian

    For all of you Cleveland Clinic patients...

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A64735-2004Dec14.html Dr. Cosgrove's battling a new enemy. :) Looks like I won't be killing any more waiting-room time over a box of McNuggets.