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  1. abbanabba

    Yeah... I'm still around..!

    What a difference a year and a bit of bovine can make! All I can say is this year's birthday was a trifle more indulgent than last year's - there WAS cake and bubbles! :D Otherwise things are going really well - we've finally moved into our new house.. where I have room for my new treadmill...
  2. abbanabba

    Another update from me..!!! : )

    Yes... I'm terrible... I keep swanning in and out of here, but hey - what can I say - life is finally back on track and I'm making the most of it!! Actually, we've moved buildings at work, so I've lost my own office and can't post without everyone looking over my shoulder and questioning why...
  3. abbanabba

    It's time for me to go.

    Hi guys (and gals!). Well, it looks like I'll have to be leaving you all - and a little sooner than expected. I had a job interview yesterday and I start Monday(!), so between that, building a house, and maintaining my exercise routine, I'm afraid I'm not going to have time to log in for...
  4. abbanabba

    Saw my surgeon on TV last night!

    I was watching a science program called "Catalyst" because they were doing a story on minimally invasive valve replacements and who should they be interviewing but my surgeon..! He and the team at the hospital where I had my PVR were filmed performing an AVR on an elderly gentleman who had...
  5. abbanabba

    How big is yours..?

    :D I'm talking about scars, of course! (tsk, tsk, tsk!!) My sternotomy scar is about 8.75 inches / 22.5cm and the other one under my arm (and around my back) is 14 inches / 36cm (thereabouts).
  6. abbanabba

    Does anybody know..

    ..what "physiological" incompetence of the mitral valve is? I just got the results of the echo I had 2 weeks post surgery and found this. I'm sure it's nothing unusual, but the terminology is a new one on me and I was curious what the context was. Meanwhile, pulmonary regurg is now TRIVIAL!!! :D...
  7. abbanabba

    A quick update

    Well my post-op appointment at Flinders was a complete waste of time :mad: They kept me waiting for over an hour - despite me telling them I had an appointment with my cardiologist after them - and because the appointment was supposed to be 1pm it meant I had nothing to eat since breakfast and...
  8. abbanabba

    Yep - back home!

    Thank you all so very very much for all of your support and well wishes through all of this. I'm so sorry there was no update on the blog, but it seems the big post my BF wrote never made it on (I told him he should have been taking notes when I walked him through it!! :rolleyes: ). I'm still...
  9. abbanabba

    Signing off on Wednesday

    Just thought I'd let you all know that after this Wedesday (3rd) it's unlikely I'll be back on the forum until after I've had my surgery (just in case my absence was noted :p ). I've got my pre-admin clinic on Friday and my cousin (who is more like a sister and best friend rolled into one)...
  10. abbanabba

    What in tarnation was I thinking..?!!!

    OK, so here I am 2 weeks (today!) away from my PVR and what did I do last night? Well I was sitting up watching a bit of TV and noticed there was a show on called "Surgery Saved My Life" which was all about 2 kids with congentital defects - one of which was an infant about to undergo correction...
  11. abbanabba

    What did you need help with most post surgery?

    This is more about the physical aspects, as I'm trying to coordinate home help with the time my BF can take off. He will be home for the first week I am home, but I wasn't sure how long it might take to feel comfortable on my own again once he has to go back to work. I guess I want to get an...
  12. abbanabba

    Happy Birthday to me - it's valve surgery!!

    :eek::):eek: Not really too sure how I'm feeling at the moment. I just had THE PHONE CALL from my surgeon's office to let me know they had a date for my PVR.... 10th Dec - my birthday!!! The poor lady on the other end of the phone really didn't know what to say when I told her that, so I...
  13. abbanabba

    I'm ba-aack... and PVR still pending

    It's been a few years since I was here last.... I was getting all a bit overwhelmed by my "heart issues" taking over my life and needed a break, but here I am again! I see there's still a couple of familiar faces around, but I'm willing to bet most of the people here now are all new to me...