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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    I am coming up on 2 years. Don't really know if I want an echo. It was nice being oblivious the 56 years prior to replacement :)
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    I have the coronavirus.

    Ok, that is really hard to imagine being from the US!
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    Tissue vs mechanical

    Very hard and very personal choice. At age 56 I went Bovine as I hate all things medical (and I am a nurse lol). I work in research and I was willing to roll the dice that something would be available when I needed it. I was also VERY lucky to be able to have truly minimally invasive AVR...
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    Cyborg in training

    Glad you are doing well now.
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    I have the coronavirus.

    Sounds wonderful now. Couldn't get over a doctor coming to your home.......
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    Tissue vs Mechanical

    It is a very personal decision and a tough one. It depends on your own tolerance for different issues. At age 56 I chose a Bovine valve and I also chose minimally invasive surgery (not TAVR, minimally invasive). I went into it fully knowing the risks and benefits for each choice. For me...
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    Staying the Course -- April 6, 2020

    Still praying she fully recovers.
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    I have the coronavirus.

    Sounds horrible, but so glad you are improving.
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    Cyborg in training

    The lack of communication between the care providers is frustrating and dangerous for sure. You would think in these days of email etc. that they could consult each other more.
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    Cyborg in training

    I wasn't using "monkeying around" in a negative sense. I meant that it often takes a lot of adjusting and trying different meds/doages to find what works for any given individual.
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    Cyborg in training

    It would Protime, but seems like your monkeying around with it like you are is going to provide the best outcome.
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    ECMO sort of the same throry.
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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    Same here in the USA.
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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    That sounds like a reasonable precaution. Can someone bring you groceries?
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    Tissue Regrets??

    I don't do a bunch of medical stuff (blood thinners) well. I knew I was not an ideal candidate for that LOL. Also, I had only 2 weeks from echo to surgery so not a lot of time to dwell on it. Wishing you a very good experience.
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    Improvements resulting from your valve replacement

    I was lucky. Even though I was 56 and the bicuspid valve was discovered at that time with critical stenosis and surgery done within the month...I had no heart damage.
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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    I just wonder how they are calculating those percentages not knowing how many people have had it without any symptoms. I am very suspicious of those calculations. I had my AVR replaced 1 year ago and I am just not very worried at all. I do not feel it really increases my risk much at all.
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    Cyborg in training

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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    Of course, most people will not even have any symptoms or ever know they have/had it.