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  1. PAN

    Keyhole AVR

    Hi, Had a quick search and didn't see this posted. Keyhole mechanical AVR. Pretty impressive. Fair warning, it's a surgical video😶 Ah that's quite clear in the preview😉 P
  2. PAN

    Decision time.

    Hi, I had my first consult with my surgeon recently to discuss options. He surprised me with his suggestion. I've been monitoring BAV for about 10 years now. Over those years it has been mostly insufficient but now increasingly stenotic. My ascending aorta is around 41mm depending on the day...
  3. PAN

    Plain old AVR

    When I found this site about 7 years ago my favorite pastime was to read through as many stories as I possibly could. Without doubt it has been the biggest help to me over the years as I wait and plan for what will eventually come. A plain old aortic valve replacement I hope. I read that...