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    Success story

    DAY 0 WEDNESDAY I had my surgery on March 5, 2014, at Morgan Heart Hospital/Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater FL. My surgeon was Dr. Joshua Rovin of Cardiac Surgical Associates. I was wheeled into pre-op around 6:00 am where I met the anesthesiologist and signed my final consent. I don't...
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    Pre-surgery panic & anxiety

    Tomorrow morning. The house is clean, the freezer is full, the bag is packed. I read the books, I have a journal. And, yet... I know my feelings are not unique to me. If I stop being busy, I start to dwell on the "what-ifs." I know how easy it is to say, "Just don't think about them!" and...
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    How long until I can be left alone?

    I know, I know, "Ask your doctor!" Except that it's Friday night, and my siblings are asking about the "Babysitter Schedule" and I'm trying to arrange coverage for my part time job. My husband can do my job for me, or he can babysit me, but he can't do both. The job requires about 90 minutes...
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    March 5, 2014 is going to be my extra birthday!

    I can't wait! The past few weeks of experiencing stronger symptoms, arguing with the insurance company about what hospitals I can go to and what surgeons I can use, anxiety about having OPEN HEART SURGERY! is finally turning into a concrete schedule. I'm 42. I'll be having AVR for a BAV on...
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    Surgery Date is set, now it's decision time!

    I thought I had made up my mind firmly. Then I went to the cardiologist. Then I went to the surgeon. Here is what they have to say. Cardiologist: Definitely go bio-prosthetic. Why? I'm young - 42. He said I've got a lot of living yet to do, and shouldn't have to think about being careful...
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    Sleeping arrangements/pillows

    I'm looking in to different wedge pillows for my bed for post-op. We have a Sleep Number bed (love it!), and I'd like your opinion on what size pillow to purchase. There's quite a range out there! I currently use a special pillow for cPAP users, and am usually a left-side sleeper. I do not...