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  1. Sten Osis

    AVR - St. Jude Regent - June 10, 2013

    Time flies! I haven't been here in a while.............. Life has been great since the implant and I've been fortunate to have no problems with my health since then. There was a little fussing over PT-INR last summer when Roche (Coagu-Chek) changed something unannounced. This resulted in...
  2. Sten Osis

    4 years plus

    3 years plus. For some reason I cannot edit this post
  3. Sten Osis

    4 years plus

    I'm checking in after several years........ I had aortic valve replacement on June 10th, 2013. This forum........I mean, the people of this forum, really made a difference for me and how I faced this hurdle. I really appreciate all the advice on choosing a valve, anti-coagulants and lifestyle...
  4. Sten Osis

    AVR Complete...back home and on the mend

    That's great news!
  5. Sten Osis

    1 year today, June 10

    It's been quite an experience. I was truly blessed to have had no problems. I'm back to normal, or should I say, better than normal.
  6. Sten Osis

    1 year today, June 10

    At this time last year, I was in surgery. Thanks to all the good folks here, I was able to face it without too much worry and was ready for the road to recovery. Today, I can hardly believe that I even went through it. Thank you all!
  7. Sten Osis

    On the other side: Post-op 6 days

    Frank, It's good to hear that your surgery went well and you're into recovery. My HR was also a little high afterwards and I was reassured that it was not a problem. Mike
  8. Sten Osis

    Surgery tomorrow

    Just give yourself up to the professionals. They know what they're doing. You'll be awake and then awake again and you'll be starting your recovery. In the meantime, we're all pulling for you and can't wait to hear from you on the other side!
  9. Sten Osis

    On-X survey

    I tried to do the survey but on-x never got back to me. I emailed several times and.......nada.
  10. Sten Osis

    cardiac catherizatin

    The cath was a breeze for me......... And it will be for you too. Let us know!
  11. Sten Osis

    Colonoscopy / Lovenox

    I gave myself the first dose last night after stopping warfarin on Sunday. The last dose of that was Saturday evening.. I tested first, out of curiosity, and my INR was 2.2. I'll likely test again on Thursday.
  12. Sten Osis

    The morning of....

    See you on the other side!
  13. Sten Osis

    What type of valve is best for me?

    I had AVR surgery last year in June at age 49. I chose mechanical because I'm so active that the doc didn't think a bio-prosthetic valve would last past 8 years. I didn't want to go through another surgery, at least not that soon. Taking warfarin is not a big deal for me and hasn't changed my...
  14. Sten Osis

    4.5 Months after Aortic Valve Repair - Back to normal

    That's good news! I'm still amazed at how good I feel........ Or how bad I felt before without knowing it.
  15. Sten Osis

    Colonoscopy / Lovenox

    I'm bridging in case there is a polyp, so I won't have to go through all the prep again. My cardiologist requires antibiotics for any such procedure.
  16. Sten Osis

    Colonoscopy / Lovenox

    Thanks for the pointers, everyone!
  17. Sten Osis

    Colonoscopy / Lovenox

    I'll be getting my first screening colonoscopy next week Friday and will be doing the "lovenox bridge". Any advice or caveats? Thanks, Mike
  18. Sten Osis

    5 weeks after Emergency AVR Redo

    I didn't have an aorta repair but I did have the chest pounding, which felt like it increased upon taking a deep breath. The surgeon said it's because the heart is no longer enclosed in the pericardium and it's positioned a little differently after the surgery. After almost one year, the...
  19. Sten Osis

    is mechanical valve that noisy ?

    I started wearing ear plugs at night, mainly because my wife stays up later that I do and I can't fall asleep with the TV going. I noticed that I don't hear the valve then either.
  20. Sten Osis

    New aortic valve in seven days

    Headlong, into the fray! You'll do well. I can't wait to hear your updates from the "other side".