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    I am having my second OHS June 5th. Since my first surgery was done via right thoracotomy, this time they have to do a sternotomy. Is there any gain in having a plastic surgeon instead of heart surgeon close the incision to minimize the scaring?
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    Will I feel different

    Hello, I've had moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation for years -even though I'm not symptomatic, I'm sure it must have some effect on how I feel every day. I'm wondering what my "normal" will be after my valve is replaced. Will my "everyday" normal feel different?
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    Tissue Valve - 10 yrs?

    Mechanical vs Tissue - This forum has provided me a wealth of information about mechanical and tissue valves and I'll forever be grateful to those who shared their stories. I've read that the longevity of a tissue valve is about 10 yrs, however when reading thru this forum is seems more like...
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    Human Cadaver Valve

    Hi, I need to make my decision between a tissue valve or mechanical valve. There has been much discussion about animal tissue valves, but little said about human cadaver valves. Does anyone have experience with human valve replacement? If so, I like to hear your story. Thanks Everyone.
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    Band too large

    Hello, has anyone ever heard of a mitral valve failure being attributed to the use of an annuloplasty band that was too large?
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    Why six months for re-op

    Does anyone know why surgeons want to wait at least 6 months from your initial valve surgery to do a valve re-operation? I'm sure it has to do with risks, but risk of what?
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    user name

    How do I change my user name?
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    Mitral Valve Repair Failure - Now What?

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience and/or thoughts on my situation. I'm a healthy 50 yr old women diagnosed with severe mitral regurgitation 7 yrs ago, which was treated with meds and followed with echos. On Dec 14, 2012 I had a mitral valve repair done at the...